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Wondering if a juice cleanse is for you?

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Wondering if a juice cleanse is for you? 

Juice cleanses have had a lot of attention in recent years, for both good and bad reasons. They are often promoted by celebrities as a quick solution to weight-loss, however this isn’t the reason you should be doing a juice cleanse. 


They have a multitude of benefits for anyone that wants to give their body a breather and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Doing a juice cleanse is all about giving yourself a big influx of nutrients and allowing your digestive system to pause, it’s not meant to be an extreme form of dieting. Some of the benefits include: 


  • Boosting your immune system 
  • Reduce the body’s inflammation 
  • Supports the body’s detoxification process


Here are some key points to remember if you’re considering our juice cleanse


Remember, cleansing is not dieting

The first thing we need to stress is that a juice cleanse is not a diet. It is not something that is meant to be sustained over a long period of time. Although weight-loss may be a positive outcome that comes from it, a cleanse is about more much than losing weight. 


Do you feel sluggish after overindulging in sugary snacks and fast food? A juice cleanse provides your body with nutrients and hydrates you in order to align your body more closely with the things that it needs. It’s like hitting the reset button, giving you the energy boost your body needs to run efficiently. 


Don’t stress 

We’ve given you some recommendations when it comes to the order in which you can drink the juices, however, sometimes rules are made to be broken. 

It’s just a recommendation, therefore you don’t need to stress if you want to mix things up a bit. Maybe you’re not feeling the fruity one and instead a zen juice would help to calm you down during a stressful day. Listen to your body and go with the flow, your body may be craving different flavours on different days. 


Take your time

The juices have been packed full of nutrients to promote a detox effect in your body and temporarily replace your meals for a few days. The juices aren’t there to replace water, therefore you should continue to drink water during your cleanse. 

This means that you don’t need to rush drinking the juices. Make sure you drink plenty of water in-between each one in order to stay hydrated. Take your time consuming the juices. In doing so, this will help activate the digestive enzymes in your gut and help absorb all of the nutrients. 


Don’t force yourself to starve 

At KBK, we are advocates for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and therefore don’t want you to feel like you’re suffering unnecessarily during a juice cleanse. So, the most important thing to do during the cleanse is listen to your body and give it what it needs. 


Of course there are points during the days that you will feel hunger and some discomfort, this is normal as you will be consuming less calories than usual. But remember, it’s only temperamental, that’s why we only provide juice cleanses for 3 and 5 days. 


That being said, you know yourself better than anyone else. For this reason, if you need more food then it’s okay to eat during the cleanse. If you feel weak at all then it’s essential that you eat something.


Ready to wipe the slate clean and give your body a reboot? A juice cleanse is the perfect way to revitalise your body and get your digestive system working to the best of its ability. 


Eryn Barber

by Eryn Barber

Eryn is a content writer who specialises in health and fitness articles. When she’s not writing, Eryn is helping people improve their strength and overall health as a Personal Trainer and is currently undertaking her Msc in Strength & Conditioning. You’ll usually find Eryn out on the trails running when she isn’t working.

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