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Why Skipping Meals For A Diet Is Unhealthy

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Breaking down the ancient myth of skipping meals to lose weight, showing why skipping meals for a diet is unhealthy and why investing in a healthy meal prep plan can help you achieve your goals.


You’d be surprised at the number of people who truly believe that the only way to lose weight is by skipping meals, and this cannot be further from the truth.


Take a look at the following article where we explain why skipping meals for a diet is unhealthy, what actually happens to your body when you stop consuming food and why eating more, with quality ingredients, can help you achieve your goals.



What Happens When We Don’t Eat & Skip Meals

When we don’t eat, our body begins to get super hungry and tends to overeat. This happens because our bodies are made for surviving, and when we deprive ourselves of food, our next meal feels like the last one we’ll ever have, which is why skipping meals for a diet is unhealthy.


This tendency results in making unhealthy choices regarding food, thus when we’re hungry we can only think about eating whatever we have at hand, which can cause serious harm to our body. If done regularly, not only will this mess up with your appetite and food ingestion, but will also start to affect your overall health, causing you to develop conditions like high pressure, diabetes, and even heart diseases. Since the food we crave is often unhealthy, such as chips, sodas, fast food, and more, the consequences can be quite severe. 



Skipping Meals In A Diet

Unlike what most people might think, skipping meals for a diet is not only unhealthy, but  doesn’t lead to losing weight. In fact, it can lead us to gain weight when we eat our usual amount of food, as well as cause the body to lower its metabolism and burn less energy (fewer calories). Further, skipping meals prevents the body from obtaining the necessary nutrients it needs to properly function, leaving us extremely tired and without energy (1).


Headaches and dizziness are two of the most common symptoms that can arise when we start skipping meals for a diet. Selecting a healthy meal prep plan can help you stay on track with your goals and eat the required amount of times in the day to keep you energised and full.



Healthy Meal Prep with KBK

Skipping meals for a diet is unhealthy, won’t help you achieve your goals and it can seriously affect your health. KBK is the UK’s best and most chosen meal prep company that counts with 7 different meal plans, including vegetarian, plant-based, protein, lean, and everyday options for everyone as well as excellent juice and soup cleanses.


All of our meal plans come ready for heating, in sustainable and recyclable packages, that will be delivered to your door when you decide. With 3 meals a day and a customisable weekly delivery plan, eating healthy has never been this easy.


If this wasn’t enough, at KBK we focus on delivering quality healthy meal prep alternatives for those with a busy schedule who want to stay on track with their goals and consume food that fuels their body and keeps them full. Using only locally-sourced ingredients and the best food combinations created by our world-class chefs, KBK is the best meal prep company you can ever come in contact with.


Now we know why skipping meals for a diet is unhealthy, there is no need to anymore with KBK!


by Tawny

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