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Why meal prep - professionals.

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We know what it’s like, early mornings, meeting after meeting, the unexpected phone calls – the day runs away with you. How many times have you gotten home from a hard day in the office only to realise you haven’t even had time to eat today? Plus to add insult to injury, you haven’t had time to fit in the weekly shop, the cupboards, once again are bare. 


Only one thing for it, right? Takeaway. It seems extravagant and not exactly healthy, but you’ll do anything to not make the late night run to Aldi only to then have to cook yourself a sub-par meal.


Did you know that in the UK, we can spend up to £1,000 each a year on takeaway food? That’s a lot of pizza. 


Combine that with the statistic that, on average, we are also spending another £3,500 on groceries each annually (42% of which gets thrown away before we can use it) – we are generating some serious outgoings. 


We haven’t even given consideration to how much we spend in hospitality. Post pandemic, I for one have been taking full advantage of being able to go out for dinner. Eat out to help out, you know what I mean?



So what can we deduce from all of this? Well, 1, we certainly aren’t getting less busy. The world opening up again has meant our diaries are fuller than ever before, business is booming and so is your social life. 


  1. A whole lot of money is going into buying food for convenience sake. Takeaways are a fast and easy alternative to cooking, but they’re often expensive and rarely include the nutrients you need to be your best self. 


  1. The amount of food waste we are generating on an annual basis is totally insane, not only are we throwing money down the drain but it’s doing absolutely nothing for the environment either. In a world where the climate crisis is becoming even more pressing, we need to consider that the way we are filling our fridge might not be very sustainable.


So, where does meal prep come in? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Utilising meal prep services ensures that no matter how late you’re getting home from the office, there is always something to eat in the fridge. And with cooking times as little as 3 minutes, you can forget the hanger fuelled hour long wait for your takeaway to turn up at your door. 

Forget food waste, it’s a thing of the past. No more sad red peppers slowly evaporating in the salad crisper. Meals made to order are the way forward. The only thing left at the end of your meal will be the 100% recyclable container. That’s right, plastic has left the building. 


“Isn’t meal prep expensive?” I hear you say. Maybe some companies are, not KBK though. We are by far the cheapest meal prep solution on the market. You can be eating 3 meals a day, 5 days per week for as little as £71.09 and that’s including delivery to your door!


On an annual basis, you would be spending on this solution the exact same amount as you already are on groceries but this time with no waste, no supermarkets and no last minute takeaways. Leaving you free to spend the rest of your budget out in the world, doing the things you love!


So what are you waiting for? Try KBK meal prep, you literally have nothing to lose.


Still not convinced? Check out KBK Reviews!



by Tawny

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