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9 Reasons Why UK Meal Prep Delivery Is Worth It

9 reasons why using meal prep delivery is worth it
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Your morning alarm goes off. You roll out of bed and start your usual morning routine. Your brain starts to wake up and then it hits you.

“I’ve not made myself any lunch. What on earth am I going to have for lunch?!”

You run to the kitchen and raid the cupboards and fridge to try and gather enough items which could constitute some sort of healthy meal. You fail. By this point, you’ve completely forgotten about having breakfast, so you head out the door hungry and on the hunt for anything to fill the hunger black hole which is getting increasingly more prominent in your stomach. 

“That bakery down the street smells good, maybe I’ll grab a pastry.” Whispers your inner monologue.

Roll on a few hours, and you’ve worked hard. The boss is impressed, but you’re exhausted and head home. However, again, you’re in a pickle, you haven’t planned dinner, and you’ve got nothing in the house which can create a ‘healthy meal’. You pick up the phone. You cave and order a… pizza; 14” as well so you can take some into work the next day. Also, add a side for only £1, why not?

pizza unhealthy compared to meal delivery services

getting out of the habit

Ok, ok. Let me level with you, I know this doesn’t happen every day, but I bet this scenario sounds familiar to a lot of us. 

Do you often find yourself not planning your meals? Are you often left to buy expensive breakfast, lunch and dinner options which are usually unhealthy and causing you to feel bad and guilty?

If you can relate, then meal delivery services like KBK are undoubtedly something which you should consider introducing to your life. However, is it worth it?

“Is meal prep worth it?”

It’s a question which I get asked a lot as a personal trainer, and it’s one which I always have the same answer: Yes, it is. 

Whether you’re buying meal prep through a UK meal prep delivery company like KBK, or preparing meals yourself, meal prep is incredibly effective at helping you reach your health goals.

From maintained weight loss, to focus, convenience and helping with food anxiety, meal prep has been proven to be very useful for a lot of people. 

Here are 9 of my reasons why I feel meal prep can enhance every part of your daily life. 


1) It is the ultimate form of convenience

Now, this point is mainly aimed at UK meal delivery services like the one KBK offers, but even if you DIY meal prep, it’s still incredibly convenient.

One of the most significant benefits of delivery is how quick it is to get ready-made food delivered to you. If you’ve opted to use a UK meal delivery service, all you do is tap few buttons online and your set meals for the week are delivered straight to your door.

Most meal prep delivery services allow you to choose when you want your food to reach your door. They also let you decide where you want your food delivered (particularly helpful if you work in an office). Whether you eat your first meal at home or work, your meal prep is available for you at your address of choice.  

UK meal delivery services are the ultimate convenience, and it can completely change the way you plan your days. No longer will you find yourself staring at an open fridge wondering what you should eat. No, now you’ll be going to your fridge, picking up your meal and getting on with your day.


2) It can enhance your morning routine

morning routine easier with meal delivery services

How many of you get out of bed at the last possible minute before heading to work each morning?  I know, we all do it from time to time (some more than others). The problem with prioritising those extra 20 minutes of snoozing means other important morning tasks get left by the wayside; this often includes planning what to eat.  

Research studies have shown that how you start your day will have a significant impact on your decision making, focus, productivity and overall energy.  Start the day off the wrong way, and you’re setting yourself up for a rough time.

Having your first meal of the day already prepared means there is one thing less to think about. Plus, having breakfast has been shown to also help with weight loss! With breakfast already ready, it means you have more time to eat it rather than skipping a meal all together.


3) It can save you money

Be honest, how many of you grab your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on the go? I often find myself walking to the shops two or three times during the working week to pick up a quick meal. Not only will eating out limit your healthy food options (how many healthy food spots are near your place of work?), but it’ll also make you poor, fast. 

In my experience, most healthy fast food options charge a hefty fee because of 1) the convenience and 2) the ingredients in the meals are usually of higher quality and cost more. At the end of the day, lean protein and vegetables are more expensive than their processed food cousins.

The ‘health food tax’ is a real thing. What’s worse is that if you’re not spending money on the more expensive ‘healthier’ options, you’re left with choices which are often nutritionally garbage. Burgers and chips, anyone?

For those of you that eat ‘on the go’, a UK meal delivery services are an excellent option.

Adding meal prep into your day to day routine minimises the instances of needing to run and grab something to eat. It also removes the temptation of opting for more unhealthy meal options.

However, the benefit here is that it enables you to accurately track how much money you’ll be spending on food. As you’ll paying one fee, you can budget efficiently and not have an “oh ****” moment at the end of the month when your bank statement comes through.


4) meal delivery services could aid in weight loss

meal delivery services can help with weight loss

Losing weight or unwanted body fat can be difficult at the best of times, especially when it comes to an understanding of what to eat.  Using meal delivery services for weight loss is the equivalent of you bringing a gun to a fistfight; you’re going to have a much better chance of kicking weight loss’ ass if you use it.

When talking to my clients, most of the reasons why they struggle with weight loss is the following:

  • They are unsure what to eat, or what is considered ‘good for them.’
  • Some have ‘unhealthy snacks’ in the house which are easily accessible
  • They find it difficult to portion size correctly
  • Following a structured meal plan with regular eating intervals is a challenge for them

Meal delivery services eradicate all these points so efficiently that it’s very hard not to recommend.

understanding nutrition

If you don’t have an understanding of nutrition, then it can be tough to realise what your body needs daily to lose weight. Following a structured plan made by UK meal delivery services is handy as it takes this responsibility away from you. 

All the calories and nutrition (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) are calculated for the goal you want to achieve. Most plans also have snacks included, so you won’t find yourself reaching for the snack draw mid-afternoon.

I recommend using KBK to my clients because they’ve been in the meal prep game for a long time now. The main benefit of being in the industry for so long is they’ve developed recipes and menus which they know work from the feedback they’ve received from their customers.

I’ve tried a lot of the KBK meals, and I can confidently say that they’ve been made with taste and satiation (feeling full) in mind. Every meal I had didn’t leave me feeling hungry or unsatisfied.


5) Contributes to an overall nutritionally balanced diet

Getting a ‘balanced’ diet every day can be extremely confusing for many.  I mean, what on earth are macro and micronutrients anyway? Knowing your macros from your micros will stand you in great stead whether you’re eating at home, at work or on any social occasion. It will give you an idea of whether your daily nutrition is as balanced as it could be. 

Understanding of nutrition can take time, which means planning a healthy diet on your own can be a challenge.  

UK meal delivery services are useful for the nutritionally confused as it points you in the right direction for healthier food options. A healthily prepared meal will tell you a lot about what you should be putting into your body. Lean meats and vegetables are good for you? Go figure.

Where a lot of my clients go wrong is that they get caught up with focusing on calories. Looking to have a nutritionally balanced plate of food (which focuses on unprocessed ingredients FIRST) is a better way of understanding nutrition than counting calories. Counting calories can often be misleading and can encourage unhealthy eating habits.


6) Meal delivery services can help reduce stress and anxiety

breathe sign

We know that we ‘should’ eat well but often don’t for some of the reasons outlined in this article. One of the main problems here is the guilt we feel inside when we know we’ve made the wrong choice.

Let that guilt get out of hand, and it can often lead to food anxiety and eating disorders. Combine this with the multitude of other stressors that we must deal with daily, and we can find ourselves losing sight of our health goals. 

Meal prep goes a long way in alleviating some of the food anxiety and stress by providing the all-important and convenient connection to eating well without the hassle of getting caught up with food choice.

Nutritious food has been proven to help boost brain power and provide you with a more consistent level of willpower to attack any part of your day.


7) It helps you get the most out of your free time

Time is the excuse many of us use for not getting in shape and living healthily. I’ve used this excuse before, as I’m sure you have. The concerning issue here is that a large majority of us know HOW to eat and be healthy. However, we choose not to prioritise our health over other ‘things’ which come up and gobble up our time. As much as time is precious for many of us, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not living healthy. With that said, we must acknowledge the limited amount of time we have each day. This should include fitting in some all-important downtime.  

Downtime is the period where many try to relax and prepare for the following day.  Many types of in-home food prep can take up much of this valuable relaxation time. If you’re not able to find downtime to do the things you love, then you’ve got a problem. Thankfully, this is where meal prep comes into its own, even if you do it yourself.  

value your time

A mantra which I often say to my clients is “how much is your time worth to you?” 

I ask this is because it puts into perspective how they should be prioritising what matters to them. For the majority of them, it’s making more time to spend with friends and family. 

But what has this got to do with meal prep?

If you calculate how much your time is worth to you, it often makes complete financial sense to use UK meal delivery services. It’s the perfect way to get back some of your downtime. 

With meal delivery services, meals are prepared, cooked and ready for you to do the most important part; eat it. This means that you are free to relax and enjoy more of that precious downtime.

So, ask yourself, how much is your time (downtime) worth to you?


8) meal delivery services provide plant-based options that taste good

food delivery services provide tasty plant based options

Plant-based eating and its extended culture has gained significant traction over the last few years. From plant-based substitutes of our favourite meat options to vegan cafes, bars and restaurants. The plant-based ‘explosion’ is well and truly underway. Meal delivery services that offer plant-based options allow you to either transition to a vegan/vegetarian diet easily or continue to eat great tasting food as a plant-based eater.  

An additional benefit is that it will also give you some inspiration for your home cooking. If you decided to try a plant-based meal prep plan, take note of the ingredients used in the meals and experiment the next time you want to try cooking a dish yourself. 


9) It helps with food variety

Did you know that the average person consumes around 43 unique foods in their lifetime? Yes, 43! That doesn’t sound like much, does it? Think about the food which you buy weekly. How much variety would you say you have with the food you buy? How many individual ingredients do you use? 

The issue with poor food variety is that it can lead to a restricted diet where you’re not getting enough essential nutrients. Studies have shown that meal planning with different types of food can help improve diet quality and healthy body weight. 

Poor food variety can also lead to something which I like to call ‘food boredom’. Food boredom is where you get bored with the food you’re eating. The main issue here is I find those who become bored with food are the ones which are most likely to search for other options which are usually unhealthy.

Meal delivery services with a rotating menu (like KBK’s) is an excellent way to ensure you’re always trying new things. It means you don’t have to spend time coming up with new varieties of meals to prepare and try yourself. 

Also, have you ever tried buying ingredients needed for the different cuisine recipes from across the world? It’s tough and can get pretty expensive.

So, do you think a meal prep delivery service is worth it?

Well done for making it this far. 

I do feel quite passionately about the benefits of meal prep. Whether you do it at home yourself or use a UK meal delivery service like KBK to do it for you, meal prep is the answer to a lot of people’s food and dietary issues.

What do you think? Get in touch as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Matt Warner

by Matt Warner

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