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Why healthy fast food that’s clean and chemical free isn’t a myth

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Whether it’s through our meal prep delivery or our Manchester-based healthy fast food restaurants, for anyone that knows us at KBK, you know that our passion for revolutionising the fast food industry is almost as deep as our squats.

Made by CrossFit fanatics, for CrossFit fanatics, we understand the struggle to keep food clean and healthy while keeping up with training, conditioning, and a brilliant social life. If you’re within a thousand mile radius of our social media pages, you should know how we make fast food as natural as possible. We believe that if you indulge in your favourite foods, you shouldn’t have to worry about it affecting your performance at the next open, or it being pumped full of body-ruining chemicals. When we (proudly) boast about being chemical free what do we mean and how does that benefit your body?

No trans fats

While getting the right balance of protein, carbs, and fats is step one to helping you achieve your fitness goals, trans fats are manufactured fats that you want to try and avoid at all costs if you want to get the most out of your WOD. They lurk in sugary treats and the majority of traditional fast food meals. They’re not a good idea for anyone wanting to become fitter or compete due to the extra cholesterol.

If you’re gorging on trans fats and your body is overproducing cholesterol, you could end up with a wide range of health issues. It’s just not worth it. You should be able to eat snacks without a guilty conscience. When they are made with fresh, locally-sourced, natural ingredients, you can.

We don’t need stabilisers to keep our food together

In its simplest form, a stabiliser is an additive put in your food to help it keep its structure and last longer. Think yoghurts, bread, cakes, and salad dressings, to name a few. Common stabilisers in foods tend to be: carrageenan, gelatin, pectin, starch, or various gums. They are fantastic for making sure foods don’t fall apart because the molecules are hard to break down. It’s easy to see why processed food manufacturers are big fans.


If stabilisers are purposefully injected into thousands of everyday food items, imagine what they’re doing to your body. Do you really want to be putting your gut through the punishment of something it can’t digest?

The result could end up being partially digested food that has nowhere else to go but sit and fester. The undigested food can leave you with stomach pains and uncomfortable bloating. Do you fancy turning up to your next session looking 12 months pregnant? You want to impress the person you’ve had your eye on at the gym, not scare them away with the prospect of raising your food baby together. Avoiding stabilisers in your food could prevent you from experiencing the adverse symptoms.

No artificial sweeteners thanks

In a world of cutting corners to save on cost, where we use fake lemons in lemonade but real ones in washing up liquid, will you even be shocked at what mass manufacturers are doing to your food to increase profit margins? Most off-the-shelf snacks and takeaway foods are jam-packed with refined sugars. But, what exactly are they?

Refined sugars are essentially the real thing that’s been stripped of all its goodness. Taking out the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, leaving a refined carbohydrate which your body struggles to break down. Long-term, overeating refined sugars can have damaging effects on your heart and liver, not to mention it’s more addictive than crack cocaine. Have you ever hunted around the kitchen cupboards salivating over the potential of discovering a hidden chocolate bar? That’s the joy of refined sugar.

However, that’s not our approach. We have zero refined sugars in our meals. Instead, we create all our dishes and sauces from scratch using wholesome, natural ingredients. We get our sweetness from prunes and raw honey. Try it for yourself. Not only will your insides thank us, but your taste buds too.

We could go on about the reasons why we are passionate about creating clean, chemical-free food (and trust us, we will) but these are just a few insights about why we care about the ingredients that we put in your body. Who says bad food has to be bad for you?

Switching your way of eating on the go needn’t be hard work. Fresh, nutritious, protein-filled, healthy fast food is a thing. Don’t take our word for it, try us out for yourself.


by KBK

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