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Why getting comfortable with who you are should be your priority this lockdown

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Ah, the rain. Back again. It seems like only last week that we thought spring was in the air. 


Oh wait, it was last week. 


And yet here we are again, waking up to the pounding of raindrops on our windows and the ever grey skies. Is it any wonder that the lack of motivation is kicking in?


The reality is this, life, especially now, can be difficult. We finally start to feel some resemblance of normality and then there’s another press conference and we’re back at square one. Work’s cancelled, friends cancelled, life’s cancelled, any plans of improving our physical and mental health? You guessed it, that’s in the bin as well. 


Some of us are amazing at sticking to routine whatever the weather (literally) but what about the rest of us and probably the majority of us. Us, the people who are suffering from whiplash trying to adjust to our forever changing lives? The ones who have tried and failed every “Get fit in lockdown” routine that has come our way. Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you.


Not a morning person? Don’t worry about it! Not an evening person? No problem! Permanently exhausted pigeon? We can work with that. 


The first step in becoming the best version of you?


Get comfortable with who you are.

Because the sooner you do that, the sooner you will find a healthy routine that works for you. 

Just like there is not one kind of person, there is not just one way to live healthily. It’s not a one size fits all job. 

If you need to start from scratch, that’s absolutely fine, take it back to basics. Any good story starts at the beginning. Lay foundations and build from there, testing what works for you and what doesn’t, one step at a time is what will allow you to create a routine that you can actually stick to. 

If you don’t know how to build the foundations then here’s a couple of things that worked for us when we started out…


  • Drink more water

Take a leaf out of your Nike tracksuit’s book that you’ve probably worn all lockdown and “Just Do It”.


  • Listen to your body

Okay look, I’m not saying you should give in to all of your cravings. We’ve all been in a chicken nuggets everyday spiral and I can confirm that no matter how much your soul believes it will, it actually won’t make you feel better. However, if you are craving something, take a moment to think about what that may mean. Could it be that what your body actually needs is salt or protein and that’s what these thoughts that you are mclovin’ really mean? 


If that’s the case, what else can you create that will satisfy these cravings but will still actually nurture your body?


The sooner you can translate your body’s language, the better – then it’s just a little bit of compromise and we all have that in us!


  • Move

This last year it has felt like life has stood still, and with it so did we. Working from home got us walking the 12 steps from our bed to the living room, staring at our medium sized screens all day only to walk the 12 steps back to bed to stare more at our little screens. 


When going for walks is all the entertainment we have been offered for months, it’s easy to start resenting it but here’s the thing – we are meant to move. Humans are meant for the outdoors, we are designed for it. It is essential to our mental wellbeing let alone our physical health. So please, just move but do it in a way that works for you. Even if it’s up the road to your local coffee shop. Reward yourself with a brownie at the end and don’t feel guilty about that either. It’s the small things right now that make a difference, allow yourself these small pleasures in a time when most have been denied. 


But if there’s one really important bit of advice we can give you, it’s this. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Brighter days are coming and when they do, motivation will be easier to come across, comfort food will be less on the brain and you might actually want to go out and walk again – but this time the sky will be blue and your friends will be right there with you. 



by Tawny

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