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Why a soup cleanse could be what you need in these winter months

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Soup cleanses have been all over the internet for quite some time now, but what are they really and which benefits do they have? A soup cleanses package is full of essential vitamins and minerals that are perfect for healthy weight loss. The soups increase your energy levels and have different flavours to keep your day interesting and nutritious.

KBK’s soup cleanses meal plan delivery is completely plant-based and made by the best chefs in the world, who are conscious about the daily nutrient requirements we need to maintain a balanced diet and ensure a healthy lifestyle. A soup cleanses meal prep is a great way to save up money and meet your dietary intake essentials. If you want to know more about the four different soup cleanses you can receive by KBK, keep on reading.

Broccoli & Baby Spinach Soup (142KCAL)

To start your day with a burst of energy you must try this broccoli and baby spinach soup. It is rich in protein and fibre, as well as a good source of vitamin c, fundamental to fill your body with.

Broccoli is one of the most beneficial vegetables you can ingest. It is good for your heart health, which many studies have agreed that daily consumption of broccoli lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease thus reducing the amount of cholesterol found in the body (1, 2). Baby spinach has plenty of antioxidants and potassium that help keep your body healthy and functioning properly (3).

Tomato & Basil Soup (120kcal)

Start your brunch time with a nutritious tomato and basil soup that contains fresh Mediterranean flavours with juicy ripe tomatoes and recent-harvested basil. KBK’s meal prep services are freshly made with local-sourced ingredients to ensure only quality food enters your body.

Tomatoes and basil have a lot of health benefits such as natural antioxidants, rich sources of potassium, vitamin k, and others.

Cauliflower & Turmeric Soup (233kcal)

For lunch, you can take a break and enjoy a delicious cauliflower and turmeric soup full of vitamin b and fibre, which help improve digestion. This combination has been proven to help healthily lose weight, as well as keep your body fit.

Roast Mushroom, Garlic, And Tarragon Soup (123kcal)

Dinner has definitely the best soup of the day. This roast mushroom with garlic and tarragon soup is low in fat, low in sugar, and the perfect way to end the day. Mushrooms help decrease fatigue and they give a burst of energy as well as keep your stomach full until the next day.

Investing in a soup cleanse will bring many benefits to your body, and pocket too. KBK offers the best prices on the market with freshly-purchased ingredients assembled in unique and nutritious menus by the world’s best chefs. What’s more, all meal prep services are vegan friendly and have free delivery. Start your change today and get your hands on this incredible four-packaged soup cleanse.


by Tawny

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