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The Importance Of Post Workout Meals

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Exercising is an essential part of life, helping to ensure your body is able to function to its fullest potential. Working out is central to many individuals’ lifestyles, and so is the food consumed after finishing a session. Here we’ll break down the importance of post workout nutrition, as well as what to eat in order to achieve your goals.


Why eating after a workout matters

After finishing a workout, fuelling your body with nutrient-dense food to allow it to recover is key. Coming home after the gym and eating a full bag of biscuits might typically leave you feeling hungrier by the time dinner comes round. This is down to not consuming the right post workout meal!

After a workout, it’s recommended that you consume a certain amount of carbohydrates and protein to fuel your body and muscles with the nutrients provided in these foods. Drinking copious amounts of water during and after your workout is also another crucial element to have in mind, as hydration is incredibly important.


Here’s what you should eat after the gym

After going to the gym, or completing any other form of exercise, fuelling your body properly with the right macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) in a balanced mix is vital. 

Getting a correct amount of protein for your age, height, and weight will help your body to rebuild itself after a workout, as well as build new muscle tissue. Carbs are the building blocks of fuel for your exercise and recovery. Fats help aid muscle recovery, but it is recommended that post workout meals mostly centre around protein and carbs.



Using meal prep to achieve your goals

It’s probably rare to arrive home after a workout and want to spend time cooking. Meal prepping eliminates the time needed to prepare a perfect post workout meal.

By having meals and perhaps even snacks ready to eat as you return home, you can match your dietary intake with your workout, which will help you to achieve your goals far faster and simpler than any other alternative. With all your meals tailored to you, with options rich in nutrients and protein, your health journey can be a breeze.


How KBK can help

KBK functions on the premise of providing you with quality meal plans to help you achieve your goals and make day to day living not only easier, but tastier too. From plant-based to protein-focused, there’s a range of options for all. Post workout eating has never been easier.

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Anya Hudson

by Anya Hudson

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