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Slim Down In Lockdown!

slim down in lockdown
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So, you were just getting back into the hang of it. The gym visits, the healthy eating…well, mostly healthy eating, anyway. If you had just started your journey to losing those lockdown pounds when another one came along – fear not! Here at KBK, we’ve put together our zero-commitment, uber-flexible Slim Down in Lockdown plan to keep you trim.


Now the weather is colder and the nights darker, it’s so much easier to let go of healthy eating habits. Are you getting distracted from your diet by the thought of mounds of creamy mashed potatoes and bowls of steamy macaroni and cheese? It’s true, carbs and winter seem like a perfect pairing – but it’s all in your head!


Flexible Meal Plans to Help You Slim Down


If you’re tempted by the snack cupboard or by constant take-outs, why not give our healthy meal plans a try? If you’ve been wondering about trying our delicious, restaurant-quality meals delivered directly to your door, but been worried about committing to a full meal delivery plan, then we’ve got the answer! A fully flexible, tailored-to-you meal plan experience to help you slim down, in lockdown and beyond. 


These chilly days are getting to all of us. Don’t shiver through it; try our Soup Cleanse. Full of hearty, healthy, vegan options, they’ll warm you up and slim you down in no time. If you’re after more variety, then our Stay Lean or Get Lean plans are ideal. We already counted the calories, so all you have to do is enjoy our Moroccan Meatballs or Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, completely guilt-free. Ready to tuck in?


How it works


  1. Decide what days a week you want your meals
  2. Choose how many meals a day you want on those days – three, two or one.
  3. Pay a one-off fee
  4. Sit back, and wait for delicious, healthy food to come to you!


Same Quality, More Flexibility


We know it’s difficult to plan what meals you want. This is especially true during lockdown when a day stuck at home on Zoom calls could leave you too lethargic to cook that healthy meal you had planned. That’s why our new, super-flexible, no-commitment plan is perfect for you. 


Just take one of our delicious meals out of the fridge, pop it in the microwave for three minutes and voila! Your dinner is ready. Steaming hot and already filling your kitchen with the aroma of fresh, chef-prepared food, our meals and cleanses make slimming down as easy as watching one more episode of Netflix.


Simply choose the days you want your meals delivered, and whether you want breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three. Then just sit back and let us do the rest. No subscription, no commitment, no fuss; just healthy, tasty food to help you slim down in lockdown. 



by Tawny

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