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Say goodbye to your weekend takeout with KBK...

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We know takeaway food is a delicious and easy solution, but choosing this over nutritious
meals on a regular basis can really have an effect on your energy levels and your general health
– not to mention what it does to your pockets!

KBK is a nationwide healthy meal prep delivery service focused on expanding and bringing the
incredible world of nutritious meals to the public at the best prices on the market, plus free

Healthy food is commonly referred to as bland and repetitive, but we sure know how to bust
those myths. We offer nutritionally-full, calorie-controlled dishes, packed with flavour and all the
good stuff you need to keep yourself fuelled; as well as flexible plans and the cheapest rates in
the UK! Want to know more about us and our commitment to providing excellent food with all
the nutrients you need? Keep on reading!

Varied meal plan options, multiple benefits & unique flavours.

KBK offers a variety of meal plans tailored to different goals and one-of-a-kind flavours that our
chefs assemble. We constantly search for new locally-sourced ingredients and combinations
that bring bespoke tastes to their dishes.

What makes KBK different to others?

Unique menus and distinctive flavours are just two of the features that set us apart from
competitors, further extending the gap between ourselves and other meal prep companies, we
provide customers with the most affordable prices in the UK, free shipping, and completely
recyclable packaging. Not only do we care about our customer’s nutrition, economic situation,
and content with the service, but we are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint and
material waste both from food and recipients.

Investing in a top-rated meal prep service company like KBK is investing in yourself. Changing
the way you eat massively impacts the way you live, thus enhancing your overall health and mood. Start
your change now and begin living your life to the fullest by checking out all of KBK’s meal plans
and deciding which one to try out first.


by Tawny

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