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Our Partnership with Battle Cancer & Benefits of a Plant-based diet

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To commemorate our 3rd year of partnership with Battle Cancer set to take place at Victoria Warehouse on 3rd August 2019 we are launching the plant-based meal prep and in-store menu’s here at KBK. As the Fresh Food partner of Battle Cancer, we are very excited to be adding a variety of healthy plant-based meals to our meal prep and Instore menu. This will ensure you feel functional and fueled for the day of the competition and the days following.

For those who are new to all this: Battle cancer is a functional fitness event, which donates 100% of proceeds to charity and is accessible to all. The heart of this event is the battle to “kick cancer into the dust” as Scott Britton so rightly said at last year’s event. Battle Cancer is an opportunity to tackle a huge societal issue, which not many of us talk about but are all aware of. Therefore, raising awareness and doing so through promoting health & fitness is a great cause, we feel honoured to be partnering with such a great cause.

Since the beginning of their journey Battle Cancer’s main objective has been raising awareness of “how a healthy diet can help reduce illness and increase quality of life”. So, say goodbye to fast food that offers physical sensations lasting only a few hours. This year we are serving plant-based foods that’ll surpass any fast food or convenience store-bought meal deal. Whether you’re a games athlete, gym-goer or spectator we’ve got something for everyone. Get 30% off when you pre-order (by 9 am on 30/07/19) your meals now to ensure you feel like a Duracell battery on the day of the competition and avoid queuing at our truck and pop up tent. We wouldn’t want you missing out on any competitions or DJ sets.

Whilst many of us are already conscious of the importance of a plant-based diet it’s not always easy to maintain a daily routine of meal prep and creative recipes. This year we are bringing this directly to you through the MOT workshop. On offer is an exclusive taste of the new menu, we will be offering food samples and nutrition advice so you can finally turn that annually recycled new year’s resolution into a reality. There are many questions surrounding plant-based diets, personally, I assumed this meant no meat intake whatsoever, which led to sheer fright at the thought of having to check food labels religiously.

The British Dietetic Association defines a plant-based diet as:

“foods derived from plants, including vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits, with few or no animal products.”.

As a nation, we have become desensitized to the many diets and fitness trends on offer. Therefore, it is important to pursue a healthy lifestyle from which fitness and performance are a secondary benefit. The plant-based diet is the best place to start as this is proven to have helped people combat cancer and other health issues through the consumption of plant-based food such as fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains. The other plants (legumes, nuts, and seeds) offered within this diet aren’t familiar in a variety of nationwide dishes or recipes. The new KBK menu accounts for this by finding exciting ways to provide additional protein and fibre such as nuts and chia seeds as an addition a smoothie or oatmeal. This makes a quick snack or breakfast more filling whilst providing nutrients, omega-3 and antioxidants. If you’re looking for a morning boost this is the perfect treat a few hours before your morning workout, or en route to work, university, or college.

Research has shown that after making the switch to plant-based many people reported bigger fitness payoffs, increased energy, and reduced inflammation. Nutrient density accounts for the protective properties that can reverse diseases in the long term and are suited for repairing the body after workouts. A report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine showed 44% of cyclists and runners have had coronary plaques. Through adopting plant-based diets athletes are able to improve the strength of their hearts as this reverse’s plaque, reduces weight and brings blood pressure and cholesterol down. Another incentive of a plant-based diet is the anti-inflammatory effect experienced by athletes who found that they performed better and recovered quicker when they reduced meat consumption.

Additionally, plant-based diets often provide more protein, fiber and carbohydrate density. Black beans are a good example of this, as they contain 15 grams of protein per 1-cup serving, this is more than the amount in a chicken drumstick. Another good example of this is Quinoa which is 21.3% carbs, making it perfect for those looking to bulk up.

Further research indicates that cancer survivors and those seeking to prevent it should follow the same dietary recommendations. The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends filling your plate with 2/3 (or more) plant-based foods and 1/3 (or less) fish, poultry or meat, and dairy. Research recommends:

  • Limiting intake of red meat; beef, pork and lamb. The recommended amount of red meat we should be consuming is 18 ounces (oz) or less of cooked meat a week. Regular consumption of high amounts of red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Also, when a comparison was made between meat-eaters and plant-based eaters, it was found that plant-based eaters’ intake more antioxidants which neutralise free radicals. Free radicals lead to muscle fatigue, impair recovery and reduced athletic performance.
  • Avoiding processed meat; sausage and bacon. Evidence shows that we should avoid these foods altogether as regular consumption of small amounts of processed meat increases the risk of both colorectal and stomach (non-cardia) cancer. Moreover, a plant-based diet means lower fat, but higher fibre. As an athlete, this is beneficial for training as it reduces body fat whilst increasing aerobic capacity and endurance.
  • Lastly, foods containing soy have been linked to improved survival rates post-cancer diagnosis. Plants containing soy such as edamame which contains 8.1 grams of fibre per cup (155 grams) can also be good sources of fibre but the evidence on this is limited. Edamame is also high in iron which helps improve blood viscosity (thickness), aiding blood flow and getting oxygen to muscles.

In conclusion, it is important to maintain this lifestyle, therefore start small, I suggest starting with one plant-based meal a day the Beyond Burger which contains 18g plant-based protein (vegan) is a great choice. As with working out is it best to do what is practical and realistic for you. Once this routine feels natural to you change to a couple of plant-based meals a day then go from there. Feel free to use our new instore and meal prep menu to come up with a variety of choices suiting your needs and inform us of any allergies or intolerances when placing your order. Remember that exercise is most effective with time, this allows muscle fibers to be torn and repaired which stimulates strength so allow yourself the time to rest and recover before setting yourself another challenge after Battle Cancer 2019.

At KBK, we can make sure you include the correct balance of protein, carbs and fibre in your plant-based diet. Our meal prep includes mouth-watering plants to help you make this lifestyle change.
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