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KBK Juice Cleanse

Our juice cleanse is a great choice if you’re looking to boost your immune system, give your body a reboot, or if you’re starting a new meal plan or any diet.

Give your digestive system a break and allow your body to heal and repair itself quickly.

See below for a list of the juices that will be included in your cleanse.

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Looking to give your body a reboot? Our Juice Cleanse is the perfect option to give your digestive system a break and get ready for a new, healthier chapter of your life.

Flavours for days

On each day of your Juice Cleanse (we offer three-day and five-day options) you will receive five freshly squeezed juices to drink each day. Below are some of the flavours we offer, but they may change depending on what produce is available to us.

Fruity – Orange / Lemon / Cherry (150kcal/300ml)

This tasty juice promotes healthier skin and is packed full of mood-boosting properties. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a great way to start your day, or to give you a bit of a boost in the afternoon.

Zen – Thyme / Apple / Ginger / LEMON (90kcal/300ml)

Packed with antioxidants, this zingy juice will give you the energy you need for whatever your day throws at you. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, and a study in 2015 showed that ginger can help to lower blood sugar. Oh, and did me mention it tastes great?

Red – Strawberry / Apple / Lemon / Basil (141kcal/300ml)

Did you know eight strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange? Our Red juice is a great source of Vitamins and is a great way to promote gut health and digestion. We added in a sprinkle of basil as well to help bring out the delicious strawberry flavours.

Spirulina Spritz – Spirulina / Lemon / Lime / Water (21kcal/300ml)

Spirulina is touted as a superfood, and for good reason! With a high protein and vitamin content, it has the ability to help regulate the immune system, facilitating faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. We’ve also made it taste delicious with a citrusy lemon/lime kick.

Verde – Cucumber / Apple / Kale / Lemon / Mint (51kcal/300ml)

You can’t have a juice cleanse without at least one green juice! We blitzed some Kale into this one, which is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin K, as well as being full of antioxidants. Adding cucumber, apple, mint and lemon makes for a nutritional juice that promotes hydration, tastes great and is packed full of vitamins.

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Perfect for healthy weight loss
Cold-pressed to lock in nutrients
High in vitamins & minerals
Fresh (not frozen)
Vegan friendly
Boost your immune system

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