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KBK Essentials Box

Introducing KBK Essentials Boxes packed full of freshly picked seasonal ingredients from the best local farms and markets. 

We believe in conscious eating and reducing damage to the environment where possible. Eating seasonally is a great way to do that – it tastes better, is healthier and is far kinder to the planet.

Providing you with everything you’ll need to create flavoursome and immune-boosting meals, KBK Essentials Boxes are environmentally conscious and delivered contact-free straight to your door.


Box contents include, but not limited to the items as follows;

  • Fresh meat, including chicken, pork and beef (suitable for freezing)
  • Staple vegetables such as onions, carrots and potatoes
  • A selection of fruits and seasonal vegetables
  • Pasta, rice
  • Bread

For a full list of items that you’ll receive, click HERE.

Some items subject to change depending on availability and seasonal variations.

Delivery is free and estimated – 3-4 working days. Please note that due to courier availability over the Easter Bank Holiday that some delivery times may vary.

Why is it time to start eating seasonally?

It tastes better

You’d be surprised how far some food has to travel to become staples in our fridges. Out of season fruit and veg can be travelling days or even weeks before it gets to you, the problem with this? It compromises the flavour.

Eating fruit and veg that’s in season can be sourced locally and can be harvested at the optimum time, ensuring it’s the very best standard by the time it reaches your kitchen. 

It’s healthier

Not surprisingly, fruit and veg that has had to travel for days or weeks is not in it’s vest nutritional state by the time it arrives to you. The fresher, the better!

It’s kinder to the planet

Sourcing ingredients from local farmers means that it is not contributing to Co2 emissions the way that imported fruit and veg does. An apple travelling from 50 miles away is never going to have caused the environmental damage that one flown in from South Africa has.

It keeps your diet diverse!

It’s an opportunity to diversify your diet and get to know fruits and vegetables that maybe you haven’t tried before. Seasonal eating will offer you plenty of variety in your diet.


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