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KBK Build – Protein Meals Delivered

2,200 - 2,800 calories per day | Restaurant Quality

2,200 - 2,800 calories per day | Restaurant Quality


  • The Build plan provides a weight gain meal prep service providing you with either around 2,200 calories or 2,800 calories per day depending on your choice of 4 or 5 meals per day.
  • Our macro meal prep is designed to fuel your body with the energy it needs so that you can achieve your fitness goals.
  • A flexible plan, you can select how many days per week you would like to do the plan and how many muscle prepared meals you would like per day.
  • NEW feature - You can now choose the meals you want from our menu each week. For further information please see our FAQ's.


  • Our macro meal delivery includes all your essential nutrients and lean protein options to help your body recover and grow healthy muscles.
  • Ideal if you are looking for muscle building meal prep, to remove the planning, cooking and macro counting elements from your daily routine to give you more time at the gym!
  • Our weight gain meal prep menu is constantly changing - each week you’ll receive fresh meals that you’ll never get bored of with a variety of different plans to choose from depending on your fitness goals.


The KBK Build plan helps you to gain muscle and stay lean in the healthiest possible way. Our macro meal prep ensures your body gets all the right daily nutrients, vitamins and sustenance it needs to stay in tip-top condition.


Our fantastic professional chefs have over 100 years of combined experience working in professional kitchens and offer the most delicious high protein meals. They created the Build weight gain meal prep menu with your healthiest goals in mind, making sure you get all the nutrients you need in the tastiest way possible. We source all our meat from a high-welfare butcher who ensures all the animals are cared for – taste the difference yourself!

Weight Gain Meal Prep: What you get

This KBK build plan gives you a choice of four or five meals a day for six days of the week; the four muscle-building meal option provides 2,200 calories, and the five-meal option gives you 2,800.

Designed for people who are going to the gym and want to build strength without overloading on calories, all our muscle-building meal prep includes your essential nutrients and lean protein options to help your body recover and grow healthy muscle.

Let us do the hard work for you

Meal prepping at home is bland; you don’t want to spend all Sunday cooking your meals for the week, and neither do you want to eat the same dish Monday to Friday. That’s where we come in! Order your muscle focused prepared meal plan, and we’ll deliver healthy, tasty food to your door. No need to calorie count or check nutrients. Simply build muscle the right way with your daily dose of fruit, veg, fibre and protein.


All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and we use high welfare butchers to create our macro meal prep, making KBK the sustainable choice for your fitness goals. KBK’s packaging has been specifically designed with film lids for the plastic recycling bin and containers that go straight into your paper recycling. For more details on how KBK minimises its effects on the planet, browse our sustainability page!


We offer much more than just muscle-building meals! Whether you’re looking to gain weight, get lean or just find a convenient meal plan for a little less cooking, KBK has a solution. You can explore all our meal plan options to learn more about KBK’s offerings.

We also offer Soup Cleanses and Juice Cleanses to help with weight loss and detoxification. Learn more about their benefits and the different options and get started with one of our cleanses!


If you still have a few more questions we’d love to answer them! Our Help & FAQs might be able to answer your questions or you can contact us by emailing mealprep@kbk.co.uk and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

High protein
High in antioxidants
High in fibre
Nutritionally balanced

Reference intakes

RDI - Adult male
RDI - Adult female
KBK Build
0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500