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Why not take a read of our latest articles? We cover everything from discovering the best outdoor workouts to how outlining how you can start your healthy meal prep planning journey!

Tips For Learning How To Transition To A Healthy Lifestyle

4 foods that can help to relieve stress

Food and mental health – why do they matter?

4 Reasons You Should Be Eating Seasonally

80% Of Us Are Still Throwing Away Fresh Food

Pancake Day – Toppings And Ideas

4 ways to shake up your workouts

Things you can spend your spare time on now you don’t need to cook!

Wondering if a juice cleanse is for you?

Have you broken your healthy eating resolution?

Is spicy food good for you?

5 best foods to eat pre workout  

Dry January. Why do people take part?

KBK’s Christmas Menu 2021

How do we design every meal?

Why a soup cleanse could be what you need in these winter months

Let’s Talk Food Waste & Sustainability.

4 Reasons Why You Should Exercise On Your Lunch Break!

Are You Taking The Veg Pledge?

Movember: Make time for those that need it

World Vegan Day: How to make your diet more plant-based

Say goodbye to your weekend takeout with KBK…

Healthy Food For The Future.

Healthy habits

Why meal prep – professionals.

How to kick your morning coffee to the curb!

Why getting comfortable with who you are should be your priority this lockdown

meal prep how to choose the best workout videos

How to choose the best workout videos for you.

Sustainable Diet

What is the most sustainable diet?

Dry January Health Benefits

Why Dry January is Good for your Health

best outdoor workouts

What are the best outdoor workouts?

Seasonal eating

Why You Should Start To Eat Seasonally

What is veganuary

What Is Veganuary?

Juice Cleanse Difficult?

Is a juice cleanse hard?

take care package

KBK Take Care Package: Get fresh, nutritious food direct to your door

healthy meal planning

How to get started with healthy meal planning

slim down in lockdown

Slim Down In Lockdown!

bad habits with food

How to identify and break bad habits

smart goals

Set your SMART goals today for a healthier, fitter you

vegetarian pancakes

Why You Should Try Going Veggie This World Vegetarian Day!

title image banner

How to get enough protein when you’re vegan or vegetarian

better chicken commitment

Better Chicken Commitment

lean meat thumbnail

All you need to know about lean meat

guide to getting lean infographic

Guide to getting and staying lean


KBK’s food donation boosts morale for NHS nurses and local care home

importance of nutrition

Why is nutrition important? – Eating beyond calories.

KBK sustainable meal prep packaging

Say hello to our new sustainable meal prep packaging!

Whats in your food thumbnail

What’s in your food? – Vitamins.

Food Volume thumbnail

Can You Eat More and Drop Body Fat?

hitt or liss for weight loss thumbnail

HIIT or LISS? What cardio is best for weight loss?


Gymdependence day. What to consider when gyms reopen after COVID-19

5 tips for improved health thumbnail

5 tips to improve your health without compromising convenience. 

10,000 steps a day-thumbnail

10,000 Daily Steps, Whats The Deal?

workout meal hacks for weight loss

Eating Food Around Workouts To Help Weight Loss

Setting goals for your health

Fitness goals for post lockdown health

your nutritional audit for weight loss

Your nutritional audit – The best way to lose weight

frequently asked questions about health - a personal trainer perspective

Your Health Questions answered- a personal trainer perspective

How To Use Meal Prep Effectively For Weight Loss

How To Use Meal Prep Effectively For Weight Loss

3 food types in meal prep which will help with weight loss

3 Food Types In Meal Prep For Weight Loss Success.

understanding nutrition - how does meal prep fit?

Understanding Nutrition – It’s More Than Just Nutrients

5 ways we do things differently to other UK meal prep companies

5 Ways We Do Things Differently To Other UK Meal Prep Companies

Daily Steps Whats The Deal For Weight Loss Thumbnail

Daily Steps, What’s The Deal For Weight Loss?

meal prep delivery for weight loss thumbnail

3 Ways Meal Prep Delivery Is Perfect For Weight Loss

7 Ways To Be Kinder To Your Health Thumbnail

7 Ways To Be Kinder To Your Health

9 reasons why using meal prep delivery is worth it - thumbnail

9 Reasons Why UK Meal Prep Delivery Is Worth It

KBK donates all KBK Essentials Box profits to the NHS

KBK Announces Donation Of All Profits From KBK Essentials Box Sales Will Go To The NHS

KBK Essentials Meal Prep Box - featured image

KBK Essentials Box – Feeding The Nation

KBK Just Prep Meal Plan Featured Image

KBK Just Prep – Our New Meal Prep Plan To Help You Weather Coronavirus.

A message to KBK customers regarding Coronavirus

KBK Christmas hamper

KBK Christmas Hamper

KBK and Barnabus

Feeding The Homeless This Christmas

KBK banner

Introducing KBK

KBK Competition thumbnail


KBK Jerk Quorn Wrap

All Good August: Jerk Quorn Wrap

vegan burger

All Good August: Beyond Burger

battle cancer

Our Partnership with Battle Cancer & Benefits of a Plant-based diet

kiwi juice

Your 5 a day blitzed: why you should be juicing!

Healthy KBK Meal

How a small diet change can make a big difference


Don’t worry about counting calories; worry about what’s in your food

whey protein power

The pros and cons of whey protein supplements


Why healthy fast food that’s clean and chemical free isn’t a myth

cheat meal

Go on, be a cheater, we won’t tell