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5 Ways We Do Things Differently To Other UK Meal Prep Companies

5 ways we do things differently to other UK meal prep companies
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You’ve decided that you want to invest in a UK meal prep delivery company but haven’t quite made the leap to buy. 

After some initial research, you’re soon confused as to where to invest your money, and I completely understand why. With each website, you are met with an almost overwhelming sense of temptation. The meals look incredible, with colours, ingredients and recipes you could only dream of cooking up in your own kitchen. 

The temptation here is to buy impulsively and settle for the first meal prep delivery company you come across. However, when you delve a little deeper, there is more to consider. Are the meals frozen or fresh? Are they nutritionally balanced? Where are the ingredients sourced? Do they have a set menu, or can I choose my meals?

At KBK, we realise that there are many similar meal prep delivery companies across the UK. Much like these other companies, we want to provide the best meal prep service that we can. We invest heavily in ensuring you receive the highest quality. nutritionally balanced meals which are tailored to your goals; whether that’s to bulk up, or to lose weight. 

As well as tailoring the meals to your goals, to set ourselves apart from other meal prep delivery companies, we do a few things differently. We want to give you the confidence to invest in your health for the long term.  

So, how have we done this? 

Taste before you invest

taste meal prep delivery food

We understand that making the decision of which meal prep company to invest in can be a tricky one. Almost all the websites you visit will showcase their meals in an attempt to entice you to buy there and then. We do this too! We understand that the investment you make is not insignificant and can be a big financial commitment. You should make your final decision based on as many factors as possible.   

With this in mind, we wanted to offer you a ‘taste before you invest’ option in the form of our Taster Plan. The taster plan adds new dimensions to the decision-making process – it puts the purchasing power in your hands without the need for commitment. 

As I mentioned at the start of the article, almost all meal prep services (including us) will use enticing visuals and ingredient combinations as their main selling tool. This is to give you the broadest possible showcase of our products, all while making the process as convenient as possible for you.

This is then followed by the price. While we believe all these elements are important, we also believe in the sensory element of food.  

Think about the best food experience you have ever had. Is it your favourite just because of how the food looked and the price? 

The meal is memorable to you because it stimulated every sense. Visuals, smell and taste all played a role. This sensory experience should not be exclusive to eating out or, with meal prep, experienced after you pay. This is where the taster plan comes into its own. You can taste, smell, see and experience our meal prep service before committing for a longer period. 

Not many meal prep delivery companies do this – but for you, it’s a win-win. What’s not to like?


Just want a healthy lunch? We’ve got you.

Daily nutrition and how it is planned is not always an ‘all or nothing’ affair. There are many of you who meticulously prepare every meal throughout the week, but also those who eat only on the fly. The first group will almost never need the services of a meal prep company. But the second may opt for a full meal prep package.  

There is yet a large group that often falls between the cracks when it comes to eating well throughout the day. They sit in the middle of the two groups mentioned above. You may be thinking that you fall into this group.  

You make time in your morning routine to prepare and eat breakfast. You also enjoy coming home after work and preparing your evening meal. But, eating a healthy lunch often eludes you – finding something nutritious can break the bank, and finding a meal deal that aligns with your fitness goals is nearly impossible.

Acquiring the services of a meal prep company may not have been something that you have explored before. You may not need a full package of meals. But you still want a tasty, healthful meal on your lunch break. 

We recognise this and have released our Lunch Only Plan to benefit the ‘middle of the road’ group. One meal a day for 5 days of the week will add that all-important healthy lunch to your daily nutrition plan.


We cater for students

students working meal plan delivery

Did you know that meal prep isn’t just for those with more disposable cash? I bet that many of you who live on a budget (in this case students) thought that meal prep delivery was out of your price range. Well, depending on which company you look at, it often is. 

At KBK, we don’t believe that anyone should have to miss out on eating healthily and reap the benefits of doing so.  Besides, if everyone can eat and live just a little bit healthier, the entire country benefits. You become more productive, more focussed and have a better outlook on life.  

With this in mind, we have created the Student Plan. For under £10 per day, students can enjoy the same delicious meals while looking after the pennies.

We have your safety in mind

As you can see from the points above, we like to think about everything. We try to leave no stone unturned in the quest to improve your health. As I am sure you are more than aware, we currently face the biggest challenge to our personal health. COVID-19 continues to test our mental and physical resolve.

We know that with increased body fat comes increased risk of the more severe symptoms of COVID-19. This is why we encourage everyone to move more and eat more nutrient-dense foods. We also wanted to go that one step further and help with day to day sanitising and cleaning of surfaces in the home.

Our Stay Safe Box provides you with everything you need. Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial hand wash and cleaner along with gloves to ensure you are safe wherever you are. 

hand washing stay safe box

Our non-subscription service.

Netflix, Spotify, Zoom… Subscriptions have become ever-present in our society. And for good reason. Almost every consumer good and service now has some kind of subscription model. It allows you to budget more accurately and buy with more confidence over a longer period of time. 

Yet, for all their benefits, recent events have meant that many are apprehensive to buy for longer periods. Between financial and economic uncertainty, flexibility may be needed for those who are still looking to eat well.  

We believe that our new Just Prep service provides something that others in the meal prep sector are not – flexibility. 

Our no subscription service gives you the choice to book 1,2,3 or 4 weeks of meal prep at one time. This means not being locked into a recurring subscription. You can cancel your meals at any time, giving you the freedom to see if KBK meal prep delivery works for you. 


We go that little bit further.

On the outward appearance, most meal prep delivery services may look the same. This means it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. 

At KBK, we strive to be one of the best meal prep delivery services in the UK. We believe in health for all, which has led us to add services which carter for different groups of people.

Our taster plan allows you to explore the sensory experience of our meal prep before jumping into a full monthly package.

The KBK Lunch only plan allows you to stay healthy during busy workdays, and our Just Prep service allows you to book your meals for one, two, three, or four weeks.

We know that these small additions make a big difference to you and your health.

Matt Warner

by Matt Warner

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