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KBK's Christmas Menu 2021

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We’re here to deliver an exceptional Christmas menu filled with flavour and nutrients as well as locally-sourced ingredients that make all the difference to you this year!

With key factors in mind, such as flavour, calories, nutrients, and mouth-watering food combinations that keep you full and energised throughout the day, we have assembled the ultimate Christmas menu that you can’t miss out on. If you want to learn more about it and why we use seasonal ingredients, keep on reading.


To kick off the season with the right food, we offer a very tasty and nutritious breakfast that includes cinnamon pancakes, mulled mandarin compote, and cinnamon cheesecake yogurt. There’s nothing better than getting the necessary calories you need to start your day while enjoying a delicious treat. This breakfast, designed by our Development Chef Adam, is made with the best locally-sourced ingredients, keeping calories low but providing every nutrient you need to feel full and have the energy you need to get you through the day. 

Using seasonal ingredients allows us to ensure high-quality in every meal created, support local markets and do our bit for the environment. Furthermore, all the packaging the food comes in is completely recyclable, you’re not only looking after your body, you’re looking after the planet too!


For lunch, innovation comes into play to deliver Christmas quinoa tabbouleh and roasted rump steak with spiced pear dressing. The quinoa tabbouleh is a Christmas favourite due to its red and green palette as well as for its incredible taste, just like the roasted rump steak, that accompanied with spiced pear dressing, makes a delicious and calorie-friendly meal.

Not only do we work on delivering healthy menus that have low calories, but we focus on providing you with quality meals that have everything you need to keep you feeling satisfied. The important part is to slowly change habits and start fuelling your body with local ingredients that are nourishing to you.


Perhaps the most special part of Christmas for many, the dinner can be delicious and healthy at the same time. Presenting our traditional Christmas turkey dinner, you can enjoy a typical holiday meal that will keep your tastebuds and stomach satisfied and won’t result in that bloated, I’ve-eaten-way-too-much feeling we all get after our Christmas dinner! 

Eating healthy is not about “missing flavour” as people might think, you can still be delighted by your favourite dishes but with a key difference that we can provide, which is calorie-controlled menus with natural ingredients.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without pigs in blankets, right? For those who prefer savoury to sweet, or for those who can’t wait until dinner time, this part of the menu will be a life-saver.


by Tawny

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