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KBK Take Care Package: Get fresh, nutritious food direct to your door

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Let our new KBK Take Care Package initiative bring you healthy, wholesome and delicious food straight to your door. Our meals are so tasty, they’ll liven up your day even if you’re stuck inside. 


Who are they for?


We initiated our Take Care plan so that we could make sure you can keep yourself or your loved ones safe in lockdown. It’s perfect for friends or relatives who are elderly, vulnerable or shielding and can’t get out and shop for themselves. 


As these meals come ready-prepared, all you need to do is heat them in the microwave for three minutes. Finding time to cook can be hard, and these meals are ideal for those with mobility issues who can’t cook for themselves, or those busy bees who don’t have the time to. 


We’ll send our friendly drivers out twice a week to carry out socially-distanced deliveries. This way, you stay safe and we can ensure your food is as fresh as possible. 


KBK quality when you need it most


Fresh, never frozen. Why put up with bland frozen ready meals when you can have a restaurant-quality dish delivered to your doorstep? We pack all our meals with vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a tasty, healthy meal with no fuss. We’ll never put additives and preservatives in our meals either – they don’t need them!


Give up on those stale bran flakes and start your day right with a bircher muesli or apple and cinnamon porridge. They’ll put your memories of bland porridge to shame!


For lunch, tuck into some pork sausages with indulgent buttery mashed potatoes and a rich red onion gravy, or go for something lighter with fishcakes and new potatoes, lifted with a verdant parsley sauce. 


When it’s dark and chilly outside, warm yourself up with a Chicken and Leek stew, or tuck into a classic Chicken Tikka with basmati rice. 


Sound good? These are just a couple of your options. At KBK, our professional chefs cook new meals daily so you can have a delicious and tasty variety of meals, no matter how long your isolation period goes on for!


Get started today


Becoming a part of the Take Care Package is simple. Simply sign up today and we’ll have our chefs cook you up something delicious. Whether you’re bringing some tasty food to your own isolation, or you’re organising it for a friend or relative, our Meals on Wheels plan is here. Delicious food, delivered safely. 



by Tawny

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