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KBK Just Prep – Our New Meal Prep Plan To Help You Weather Coronavirus.

KBK Just Prep Meal Plan
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Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has forced many of us to self-isolate and limit our interactions with our friends, family, co-workers and loved ones.

Between the virus itself and the pressures of self-isolation, there has never been more emphasis on staying healthy, hygienic and making sure the body gets the nutrition it needs.

From maintaining a healthy immune system through to dealing with the physical and psychological pressures of not being able to live a normal life, we should all be looking to make health a priority for both the short and long term.

In our quest to continually provide the most convenient, cost-effective and health-driven products during this time, we are proud to launch a brand new meal prep plan called “KBK Just Prep“. A plan which has been carefully designed to help you weather the storm.


Why KBK Just Prep

KBK Just Prep is made up of meals that contain delicious ingredients which are known to help maintain a healthy immune system.  We only use fresh fruit, vegetables and protein sources in your meals; ensuring you get all the nutrients you need throughout the day.

We also don’t use any unhealthy additives and unwanted sugars which may hinder your health and immune system. No, each KBK Just Prep is well-balanced and ticks all the nutritional boxes your body needs for you to improve your health.


The Benefits Of KBK Just Prep

Here are just some of the benefits of the KBK Just Prep meal plan.


1) Fresh food and convenient non-contact delivery.

With many people choosing to self-isolate, making regular trips to the supermarket could become problematic.

Our nationwide fresh food deliveries are made twice per week, and, if you live in the Greater Manchester area, you’ll receive FREE shipping.

The Manchester postcodes covered in the FREE delivery include:

  • M,
  • BL,
  • OL,
  • SK
  • WN

Our courier service, DPD, will complete non-contact deliveries of your meal prep plan where appropriate.

If you have a safe location where we can leave your delivery, please ensure you fill the ‘safe place to leave’ information when completing your order.


2) Local ingredients and safe supply chain

We buy directly from farms and local markets which have provided KBK with assurances that plans are in place to maintain the food supply. What this means to you as a consumer is that you’ll receive nutrient-dense ingredients in every meal. We guarantee there won’t be any risk of food quality decreasing because of potential food shortages.


3) Friendly on your budget

The RRP for the KBK Just Prep plan is £100 per week; however, we appreciate that many will be operating on tighter budgets at this time. In light of tight wallets (and purses), have reduced the cost of the plan by 15% to £85 per week. The plan contains 6 days’ worth of meals with 3 meals per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are striving to help as many members of the local and national community as possible. We believe this starts by offering a healthy meal prep plan which is affordable for all. By choosing the KBK Just Prep plan, you are free to allocate time to helping others through the coming weeks and months.


5 Tips To Stay Healthy In And Out Of Isolation

Here are some extra tips to stay healthy while in and out of isolation.

  1. Stay hydrated – 2-3 litres of water per day will keep every cell in your body happy.
  2. Keep moving – If you are in isolation and have a garden, get yourself out and moving. Using the stairs is another option to get those all-important steps in.  If you can get outside, keep your social distance from others. However, enjoy the great outdoors. Go for a run, walk or cycle.
  3. Keep training – Moving your body whether bodyweight or utilising kettlebells, dumbbells or your home gym (if you have one) will certainly boost your mental health. Exercise will also provide you with a much more positive outlook on the current situation, not to mention keeping you in great physical shape.
  4. Keep talking – Self-isolation doesn’t mean total isolation. Talking and communicating with those closest to you will keep your spirits high and allow you to better follow points 1-3.
  5. Keep a routine – Even though our day to day routine has been dramatically changed, creating a new, health focussed routine at home is vital to keeping you productive through this time. Wake up early and follow points 1-4. Ticking them off will leave you with a sense of achievement and positivity for the rest of the day.

We believe that maintaining strong physical and mental health is the key to getting through the coming weeks and months. The KBK Just Prep plan, and all other KBK food prep plans, are in place to bring you the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and convenience at a price you can afford.

Let’s get through this together!




by KBK

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