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Is a juice cleanse hard?

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If it’s time to reboot your eating habits then you’re probably looking for quick results. A juice cleanse is the fast way to detoxify the body by extracting delicious and nutritious juices from  fruit and vegetables.


Recharging and rejuvenating your body can leave you feeling reinvigorated and full of energy. Fans of the juice cleanse say they feel lighter and healthier and it’s a great way to kickstart a better lifestyle and meet your health and weight goals.


After the long winter months, our bodies naturally crave lightness. That’s when a juice cleanse can help you boost your energy levels and get over that bloated feeling from too much rich food and booze over the holidays.


How does a juice cleanse work?


A juice cleanse replaces solid food with fruit and vegetable juices that can help boost your immune system and introduce healthy bacteria. Some people do struggle with the reduced calorie intake but generally report feeling an enhanced sense of wellbeing by the second day. And it doesn’t last forever, with most of us opting for a three day quick cleanse to kickstart the metabolism.

Juice is also a great way to get more nutrients into your diet and can help you hydrate if you don’t drink enough non-caffeinated beverages or water during the day. Although the colon and liver will naturally detoxify your body, a juice cleanse can help your system flush through faster.


In addition to your juice cleanse, it’s a good idea to take plenty of long walks and use relaxation techniques so you really feel the benefits. It’s worth being aware that you’ll be getting fewer calories than you’re used to and that a juice cleanse isn’t recommended if you have a kidney disorder. 


How long should you be on a juice cleanse?


If you’ve decided to try our cold pressed juice cleanse then you should choose a three or a five day cleanse.


The scientific benefits of fasting are well known. The kind of intermittent calorie restriction that you experience during a short period of fasting like a juice cleanse can improve cognitive function, fight inflammation and support healthy weight loss. Our thyme, apple, ginger and lemon juice is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ginger that can also lower blood sugar while our spirulina spritz tastes great and helps regulate the immune system.


Fasting is also claimed to delay ageing and boost longevity; and science backs it up. A short juice cleanse is one way of enjoying all the benefits of fasting without feeling deprived. Many fans of a three or five-day juice cleanse also notice a natural high by day two as the body stops using energy for digestion and makes it available to the rest of your system. You may also feel better because you’re no longer consuming foods to which you’re allergic or intolerant.

However, because you’re not getting fat and fibre in your diet your juice cleanse isn’t sustainable beyond five days and you’ll start to crave real food again – if you want to enjoy the benefits for longer why not pair our five-day cleanse with our get lean meal plan to meet your diet goals and enjoy healthy weight loss?


If you’re worried you don’t get enough fruit and veg in your diet then a juice cleanse is a great way to get those all-important nutrients, build-essential gut health and boost your immune system. 


How much weight will I lose on a juice cleanse?


If you’re considering a juice cleanse for quick weight loss before the office party or that first day on the beach then a three-day juice cleanse could see you lose pounds fast – but it won’t be forever. One study suggests that the weight loss can last at least two weeks, along with a feeling of improved wellbeing.


It’s difficult to say how much weight you’ll lose as everyone is different. What a juice cleanse does is to reboot your system by replacing all those saturated fats, processed foods and empty refined carbs with the good stuff that is healthy fruit and veg. You’ll naturally lose weight, part of which will be natural water retention. Follow up with a plant-based eating plan and you can expect to see a sustained weight loss.  


A juice cleanse isn’t a magic pill but if you want to experience easy weight loss to get into that special dress then a three day cleanse could deliver the results you crave. Most people do lose weight and, done properly, a juice cleanse can deliver the healthy weight loss results you’re looking for.


Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?


There’s no sugar coating this pill. Everyone reacts differently but the answer is generally yes, you will feel hungry on a three-day juice cleanse and that’s completely normal. The cravings are usually strongest on day three, probably because the end is in sight which is why transitioning for the next two days with juice and nutritious light meals makes sense.


If a juice cleanse really isn’t for you then why not try our delicious three-day soup cleanse? Packed with tasty ingredients with health-giving properties like turmeric, tomatoes, lentils and ginger, these delicious soups are made to satisfy even the most voracious appetite.


Get light, feel great


Why wait for spring cleaning or the after-Christmas bloat to enjoy all the benefits of a juice or soup cleanse? With delicious seasonal flavours and packed with nutritious ingredients our soups and juices take the hard work out of healthy weight loss. And with free delivery it’s always the right time to give your digestion a break and get light and feel great!


by Tawny

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