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Introducing KBK

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KBK – Who we are

Known to many as Kettlebell Kitchen, the KBK brand was refreshed (or updated) in November 2019 to broaden its appeal beyond its core customer base of fitness enthusiasts, to include those who simply want fresh and healthy food, with convenience.

We are an award winning meal prep service company catering to customers throughout the entire UK mainland. From the very start, KBK has been at the forefront of the clean eating movement. The company has evolved to procure and build a passionate team that continues to exemplify and promote its core values of quality, passion, trust, transparency and simplicity.

The ethos that underpins the success of KBK is the belief that healthy and nutritious food should be bursting with flavour and accessible to all. 

Our new look

In the past, our brand was heavily focussed around health and fitness (hence the ‘Kettlebell’ in the name!). The new KBK brand maintains our roots with these areas and they remain a key focus for us, but as our company has evolved, we have been able to expand our products to a wider customer audience with a more general approach to healthy eating.

We believe delicious, healthy and nutritious food should be available to everyone. Therefore we have lots of different options to help people of all backgrounds with meal prepping – from the strictest calorie-counters to those just looking to be a bit healthier in their day to day life. 

Less cooking, more living

Life is busy and preparing meals for yourself, for your partner or for the family takes up a lot of precious time and effort. We are here to take that stress away by delivering to you the freshest, tastiest food in the quickest way possible. Our meals take minimal effort, just heat them up for a few minutes, safe in the knowledge that they are perfectly balanced and clean, with no nasty additives. 

FROM Farm to fork

Our chefs put a lot of effort into sourcing the finest ingredients for our meals. Keep an eye out for future blog posts where we interview our Development Chef and explain the process of how we create our meals (our menu is constantly refreshed throughout the year, giving our customers as much variety as possible!).

Want to know more?

We have tried to include as much information as possible on our new website about how our food prep delivery works, but we also have a fantastic customer service team who are standing by. If you want some further information or just want a general chat about meal prep, give them a call on 0161 536 0801 or email mealprep@kbk.co.uk


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