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How To Make Your Family Eat Healthier

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Eating healthy consistently can often be thought of as tough. Factor in busy lifestyles, varying meals and finding time to cook, as well as taking the kids to school, and the task can seem even harder. With some thoughtful planning and organisation, this doesn’t have to be the case. Take a look at the following tips on how to switch to a healthier lifestyle with your family in mind and you’ll find yourself on top of the task in no time.


Plan meals in advance

Deciding what to have for tea as a parent with children can often be the ultimate creativity test, especially if your kids are picky or have extra dietary requirements. Busy schedules don’t help, which is why planning your meals in advance can be key to excelling at healthier eating.

It can be as simple as writing down a few ideas that don’t take much time to prep or cook and allocating a day for each meal. That way, there’s no last minute panic! There’s also the added bonus of knowing exactly what to buy during a supermarket shop to keep you going for the week. Utilise a planner and find some time at the start of the week to generate meal ideas.


Prioritise vegetables and nutrient-rich foods

We’ve all been there – fast food and freezer food is an easy option for quickly and efficiently filling tummies. There’s also the element of cost, and knowing which foods to opt for when making an attempt to eat healthier.

Once you can ensure a balanced diet is being practiced, shopping more consciously for nutrient-rich foods is the next step. It doesn’t have to be expensive – looking for a variety of vegetables, fresh fruits, and protein-sourced foods (fish and chicken are two good examples) is the place to start. Food shopping combined with a pre-determined plan can really help you to nail this step and place a healthier, more fulfilling plate of food on the dinner table.



Invest in meal prep

Meal prepping can solve a great deal of problems that families may face when trying to eat healthier. Whether you do it yourself or take on the services of a meal prep company, the benefits shouldn’t be understated.

When meal prepping for yourself, you can bulk buy for the week ahead and dedicate half a day’s worth of cooking in order to come away with a week’s worth of food.

When making use of a dedicated meal prep company, the element of being short on time is eliminated – everything is ready for you, and typically ready to eat within a few minutes. With prepped, complete food, there’s no planning, and no food shop required. In comparison to doing your own meal prep, investing in a meal prep service means a greater variety in food options, pre-tracked calories and macros, and chef-created meals.


How can KBK help your family to eat healthier?

Like the idea of meal prepping but like the idea of outsourcing it even more? It can be an ideal option for families with busy lifestyles looking to improve their diets.

We offer a range of meal prep plans that can be tailored to your preferences and needs, delivered to your door, and are nutrient-rich to keep your family full and healthy. Take a look at our different options to cook less, and live more!

Anya Hudson

by Anya Hudson

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