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How to kick your morning coffee to the curb!

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Coffee. The sweet nectar. The morning medicine. The well known celebrated reviver that propels us into unstoppable action. That’s coffee’s personal brand. But I’m here to tell you, it’s just really good marketing that has gotten it to this point. 


It’s very rarely after the first cup, but definitely by the third that you realise that you actually don’t feel more awake at all and in fact you are still exhausted but with a fun added layer of crippling anxiety. 


You are not, as you have convinced yourself, more ready to tackle the day but have very quickly forced your body into a state of manic fear and are now relying on nothing but adrenalin to get you through the 700 Google meetings you have scheduled for today. 


Ah coffee, perhaps then you aren’t the start of the day solution we all want and need?


But we do need a start of the day solution nonetheless because as the old saying goes, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day – or at the very least it is an important one. 


So how should we be starting our days to optimise for maximum energy and for emails to genuinely “find us well”?


Here’s what we would suggest:


  1. Swap the black coffee for green tea. Look, I’m not saying it’s a taste sensation BUT green tea not only contains caffeine but has several other health benefits that will help get your body moving. It is proven to increase brain functionality, aids in fat loss and reduces the risk of heart disease.


  1. Eating in the morning can be tough, we very rarely have an appetite as soon as we’ve woken up but here’s the deal, when you’re tired your body is crying out for energy and there’s one sure way to get that – food. So even if you’re not feeling hungry, try and eat something small and see what a massive impact it has on your energy levels. 


  1. Water. I can’t say it enough. Drink more water. In the morning, ice cold water, a pint of it – immediately. Shock your system into action. I promise you here and now that staying hydrated with our old friend H20 is gonna be 100% more effective than the double shot, extra coffee, put more in, latte that you’re eyeing up for the 4th time today.


I love coffee as much as the next caffeine addict, I’m not saying to don’t drink it all. It can be great (especially in the form of an espresso martini). But like anything in life, balance is everything, and the better balance you have in your mornings the more balanced your life will be in general.


So go on, I know you can do it, put the coffee down.


by Tawny

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