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How to get started with healthy meal planning

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Want to get healthy? This is the perfect time to do so. Normally at this time of year, we’d be facing lots of indulgent holiday parties and eating out. But this year we’re going to use winter-time to double-down on our health goals! 

The real trick is making changes that are sustainable for you so that you build healthy habits you can keep up with. Lasting changes are particularly important around the way we eat because we have to eat multiple times a day! We’re going to help you understand the best way to create healthy eating patterns that you can stick to, using meal planning. You don’t know what that is? Read on to learn more about it. Already sold? Then look into our own KBK plans for easy meal prep delivery.


What is meal planning?

You might be wondering what healthy meal planning is, and how it’s different to what you normally do. It’s not too elaborate – it’s just asking “what’s for dinner?” once for the whole week, instead of mulling it over every night. You plan things out in advance for the whole week to save you time and effort later.

The practical part is then shopping for the whole week and prepping the ingredients in advance before actually cooking. It helps to think about it in three steps. 1) Select your dinners/recipes, 2) Do your ingredient shopping, 3) Prepare and cook those ingredients. If it sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry – you can book a healthy meal prep service like ours to deliver to you, saving you all the effort! 


How do I make a healthy meal plan?

A healthy eating plan includes all the nutrients your body needs – staying within your daily calorie goal for your body type.  If you’re looking at meal prep for weight loss, the key is to eat the right food and in the right proportions. 

One way to structure your diet is to think about your daily calorie intake against your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This figure tells you how many calories your body needs for basic functions, like breathing, keeping your heart going etc. It doesn’t take into account extra activity like running or going to the gym. 

You can work out your personal RMR (which depends on factors like your height, weight, gender etc) using an online RMR calculator. Does this sound like too much work for what you’re after? If so, leave all the details to us. At KBK we have a large range of plans to help you out, including Get Lean or Stay Lean, if those are your goals.  


Does meal planning save you money?

You can save plenty of pennies if you plan ahead. One great thing about planning is that you can buy fruit and veg that are on offer (buy-one-get-one-free or two-for-one, etc) without the fear that you’ll end up chucking stuff. Want to be extra careful to avoid wastage? Make sure that you have a good amount of freezer space dedicated to your healthy meal prep. This will make sure that you can plan and save meals for times when you might be too busy or tired to cook. 

You can also save money by buying food that’s in season (it’ll be plentiful, which drives prices down). Try to make friends with someone who has an allotment as well – they are often desperate to give away the excess food they’ve grown, to avoid throwing it out. What else can you do? Buy in bulk, and shop around, especially for pantry items like brown rice and other staples.


How to make sure your meal plan is healthy

A healthy eating plan is great because it will lower your risk for heart disease and other health issues. How does it do that?  Partly because it limits saturated and trans fats, salt, added sugars and also helps you with portion control.  

Your health plan should focus mostly on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, with lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts in the right amounts.  The key to getting all the right nutrients is balance, especially if you’re using meal prep for weight loss.

Remember that colourful food plate you got taught at school? It’s really helpful to recall that almost half of every healthy meal should be made of plants. This keeps your fibre intake up and ensures you get all the right vitamins and minerals too. 

Do you know why protein is another key ingredient? It will keep you feeling full for longer and it is the building block of your muscles – so it will help with fitness goals too. What about fat? Most of us could do with a little bit less – but a small amount of fat is important for your body to function right. It helps your body create essential fatty acids and aids in the absorption of vital vitamins, like A, D and E. Do check what kind of fat you are eating, to stay healthy though; focus on unsaturated fats like olive oil, and those in nuts and seeds.



Tips on how to make healthy meal planning easy

A great tip is to start on a Friday with your recipe planning, use Saturday to shop and then Sunday to prep. What about spontaneity, you may ask? Make sure you also build in some nights for takeaways or meals elsewhere.

Most people plan for five meals at home every week, and it helps to pick recipes with common ingredients. That way when you set aside time on Sunday for batch cooking and chopping, you’ll save time. For example, if hard-boiled eggs feature in a few of your meals you can even batch cook them in the oven.

Want to make all of this easier? You can always subscribe to an easy service like KBK that does all the thinking for you. It’s what a lot of celebrities do since they have busy lifestyles and need to make sure that all their nutritional bases are covered. It doesn’t have to break the bank either – you can get a simple and cost-effective solution from us – check out our plans today. 



by Tawny

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