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How to choose the best workout videos for you.

meal prep how to choose the best workout videos
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If you want to hit your weight loss goals this year, it’s time to create exercise habits that are sustainable and easy to maintain. That means commitment, repetition and workouts that meet your fitness goals.


Whether you want to slim down in lockdown or you want targeted workouts to support your outdoor fitness plan, online workout videos can help you hit your marks faster. From low-impact yoga and pilates, to bodyweight and HIIT workouts there’s never been a better time to find your fitness vibe.


Let’s face it, getting to the gym right now can be tough for a lot of reasons. But if social distancing has put paid to your visits for now, there is an alternative. Setting up a home gym and using workout videos is an affordable and convenient way to create some good exercise habits. 


You won’t waste time travelling to the gym and you can workout whenever you like – or whenever you have the time. If you’re prepared to put in the effort, a home workout can be just as effective as sweating it out in the gym. Just make sure you consult your doctor before starting an exercise programme if you’re starting from scratch.


That’s why we’ve taken a deep dive into choosing the best workout videos so you can reduce fat and build muscle at home. Read on to find out more about finding and downloading some great workouts to get – and stay – lean.


How to find workout videos for free


There are a lot of great workout videos online. YouTube has become the go to for fitness channels but Amazon Prime and even the NHS have workouts you can do at home. Most paid fitness programmes will also offer free workouts so you can try before you buy.


Just search for the type of workout you’re interested in, from total body conditioning to targeted reps. It’s also worth checking trusted fitness sites online to see the videos they recommend. 


Look out for videos that need very little specialist equipment and are taught by qualified fitness instructors.


Fitness goals and workout videos


So can you use workout videos to achieve your fitness goals? The short answer is yes, you definitely can. What’s important is that you choose the right videos and set yourself the right goals:


  • Choose a fitness goal that’s important for you: If your goals don’t mean something to you then it’s harder to stick to them.
  • Set realistic goals: You might want to add an centimetre to your arms. Or set your PB over 5k. Whatever your goal, make it achievable for you.
  • Be specific: We all want to get lean. But what’s your ultimate target? Whether you want to achieve great abs or lose 10kg, make it measurable.
  • Set mini goals: The more mini goals you achieve, the more you’ll motivate yourself to keep pushing and achieve more.
  • Set a date: If getting lean is your end goal then define what that means and set yourself a reasonable timeframe to achieve it. That could be losing 20kg at the rate of 1kg a week over 20 weeks. 


We’ve put together an in-depth guide on setting smart fitness goals if you need more help. 


Here’s our selection of the best home workouts around to help you build your playlist and achieve those fitness goals.


Bodyweight workout videos


Think you can’t get ripped with just bodyweight exercise? You’re wrong. In fact, workouts using only your bodyweight for resistance should be a part of everyone’s routine. They’re just as effective as working out with weights and machines for lean muscle gain and strength.


For gentle exercise try the NHS Fitness Studio and check their free strength and resistance videos. If you have kids, you’re probably already doing Joe Wicks’ home PE classes. Try graduating to his Body Coach channel for some great free no-equipment workouts. 


Turbulence Training is another good resource for 10 minute no-equipment bodyweight workouts.


Yoga videos


If you want overall toning and a workout that targets your core muscles, try yoga. It might not be aerobic but studies show yoga is effective exercise for health and wellbeing. It’s also one of the best ways to get a low impact all-body workout that both tones and strengthens.


Yoga with Adrienne is particularly good for beginners with videos that target different parts of your body and a weight loss programme. Tara Stiles is a knowledgeable yogi with a strong series of workout body strong yoga videos. Fightmaster Yoga is good for more advanced poses with free videos from 10 – 60 minutes long.


Pilates videos


Pilates is another effective low-impact workout that builds lean muscle and tones the core. It’s great for targeting belly fat as it works the deepest abdominals through carefully targeted small movements.


If this appeals to you grab your mat and try Blogilates. This site is packed with targeted workouts and 30 day challenges that combine pilates with cardio and strength. Efit30 has everything you need for an amazing full-body no-equipment pilates workout.

Hiit workout videos


Want to get lean fast? HIIT workouts help you lose fat, improve heart health and get lean muscle with short bursts of all-out activity followed by active rest. Longer is definitely not better when you want to nail those fitness goals. But be careful to combine HIIT with our Get Lean meal prep for optimal results.


There’s plenty of choice when it comes to free HIIT workout videos online. The Body Coach, Fitness Blender and Pop Sugar all have highly effective in-home no-equipment routines that get results fast. 


Flexibility exercises


If you think flexibility is only for gymnasts, think again. So how does it support your fitness goals? Flexibility training improves muscle coordination, increases mobility and reduces the risk of injury. Basically the more flexible you are, the less restricted you are when exercising.


Fitness Blender is a great resource for all-round fitness videos including flexibility exercises that draw on yoga and pilates to strengthen and tone. Ballet barre fitness is a great way to stretch, tone and flex those muscles and joints.


How to download workout videos

There’s no need to download workout videos. Just stream content direct from your chosen fitness channel and create your own playlist of your favourite workouts. You can download content from YouTube to view offline so you can keep working out wherever you are. You’ll need to use the YouTube or YouTube Go app to use this feature.


Hit your lean goals with KBK

Getting lean and staying lean is key to achieving fitness and wellbeing. At KBK we help you support an effective workout plan with great nutrition that’s sustainable and targeted to meet your goals. Check out our meal prep plans to boost and reboot. Whatever your current fitness goals, keep achieving with us!


by Tawny

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