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How do we design every meal?

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We know that curated dining is the new trending thing in the foodie world, you can basically adopt any meal plan that suits you and your dietary needs.

In this article, we will talk about the process of food curation. We understand that our customers are interested in learning about how we choose our ingredients, choose our dishes and how we run our operation – stick around till the end, and let’s see how we curate our ideas for food. 

Every successful story was once an idea. The thought process is the root of all cooking processes. How you think and approach the ingredients, the balance, combination and cooking determine everything you will create. We can’t afford to run out of ideas –  innovation is the key. The core of our cooking process lies with our Development Chef, and he is responsible for bringing the ideas forward for you guys every week.


Here is what Adam, our Development Chef has to say about the concept and execution of each dish:


“In order to keep myself creative and bring new ideas forward, I try to eat out at least once a week, giving me the opportunity to taste as many cuisines as possible; this can cover everything from Lebanese to Turkish BBQ. Choosing something new each time provides me with endless inspiration and gives me the chance to really think about how we can integrate different dishes and flavours into our menu!

I was pretty lucky when I was younger and I was given the freedom to travel a lot, meaning I could really learn about cuisines from all around the world. I would always eat local and fully immerse myself in their way of dining, which is something I keep in mind whenever I create a new KBK dish. 


Each month, I visit our suppliers to shortlist any new, seasonal products we can use for our meals – I will always design a new dish to fit inline with the menu that month and include any new ingredients where I can. 

Each of these small elements are integral to the final product we provide for our customers – myself and the team spend a substantial amount of time perfecting each dish and we strive to give you guys the best food we can, every single day!”


We understand the importance of time, so the fact that our food is ready to eat in minutes without compromising on quality or flavour makes us the perfect option for food lovers on the go. Our team doesn’t rest after creating a dish, we try to bring innovations to the table; cooking comes from being creative!


by Tawny

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