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How a small diet change can make a big difference

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At KBK we’re focused on redefining fast food, producing nutritious, delicious, and clean meals for our customers. Fast food doesn’t have to mean you’re damaging your body! Recently, we caught up with Adam, a doctor who told us that the KBK meal prep plans have not only helped with his training but have also helped him manage his type 1 diabetes.

Saving time

Despite the meal plans allowing Adam to manage his diabetes better, one of the most significant impacts they have had in his life is saving him time. As a doctor, his job is already demanding. While training six times a week and travelling away on the weekends, there’s little time for meal prep.

Adam told us, “I had to make my meals twice a week, which took at least two to three hours buying, washing, preparing, cooking, and cleaning up. I only had time to make two different dishes each week. It is also important for me to carb count every meal because of my diabetes, which is time-consuming and makes eating out quite hard.”

This really cut the variety out of his life when it came to nutrition. All the fun was being taken out of the food. This is where the KBK meal prep plans came in handy.

Feeling good

A macro meal prep plan means you don’t have to do any cooking or cleaning. You don’t have to spend ages going to the supermarket and finding recipes. You get all of your meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – delivered ready-made to you. You’ll never have to skip breakfast again.

Adam even said he feels much fuller after each meal now he eats KBK. You’ll always be ready to try and get that new PB during training, and best of all, with all this convenience, you still know you’re eating clean.

Since signing up for our macro meal prep, Adam’s insulin sensitivity has changed. He told us that since using KBK, his HbA1c levels have improved and he has more stable blood sugar levels. With his high-intensity weight training, increased insulin sensitivity is excellent as it means his blood sugar doesn’t dip too low to cause dizziness, nausea, and sweats, or go to high as often.

In the long run, this leaves Adam less susceptible to the long-term impacts of diabetes. This could include kidney failure, loss of vision, limbs, and sensation. Trading these potential health problems for some tasty, nutritious food sounds like a great plan to us.

For another grand plan, take a look at the KBK meal plan delivery. They can give you all the fantastic benefits of clean eating, without any of the annoying prep. There are plenty to choose from: Performance, Macro, KettleBulk, Vegetarian, Macro-top – something to suit everyone. To make an order, get in touch with us on 0161 236 6171 or visit the website.


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