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Healthy habits

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We’re all guilty of it. We wake up one day and decide that today is the day we are going to start being a health guru. We are about to become so healthy, so into exercise, so fitness, that we will be running marathons with ease in the next 6 months. We get up, we make ourselves some sort of grain based breakfast, go for a few jogs, join the gym and all is going well for the first couple of weeks, until it isn’t.


Inevitably we fall back into the same old routine, maybe things just got too busy, we didn’t have the time, other things started to take priority. What you don’t realise in the beginning is, looking after yourself is incredibly time consuming and it’s concerning how quickly it can be knocked down the to do list. 


There is one thing we know for sure, that developing consistent healthy habits is going to be the thing that gets you from A to B much quicker. The trick is ensuring those healthy habits can be sustained. 


Of course, exercise is crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body, but to exercise you need fuel. In fact, to do just about anything you need fuel. Your body needs energy. It needs nutrients. This is why at KBK, we believe that maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is the most important healthy habit that there is.

You know what else eating healthily consistently can do? I can help you live longer. It boosts your immunity, strengthens your bones, strengthens your muscles, helps your digestive system function correctly and can even be a preventative for some cancers and cardiovascular diseases


So yeah, it’s pretty important right?


So what are the challenges in maintaining a healthy diet? It comes down to a couple of things – knowledge and time. Most of us aren’t nutrition experts by any stretch of the imagination, we know green things tend to be good and cheese tends to be less good but other than that, it’s all a bit of a guessing game or looking on Instagram. Either way, it’s still a minefield. Next, the time it takes to not only educate ourselves on healthy eating but then actually preparing our meals week on week can be increasingly hard to find. In a world where we are constantly busy, healthy eating can sometimes seem impossible.


That’s where meal prep comes in. What if I told you, you could perfect this extremely important healthy habit without even lifting a finger? That you could be mastering the art of the healthy diet without even having to think about it? A solution so easy, it may as well turn up at your front door – oh wait – it literally does.

Meal prep isn’t how you imagine it, forget chicken, rice and veg. KBK meal prep is designed by incredible chefs so that you get restaurant quality every single time. But most importantly, it’s nutritionally complete, packed full of nutrients and ready to eat in under 3 minutes. 


What’s stopping you from investing in this healthy habit today? 


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by Tawny

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