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Go on, be a cheater, we won’t tell

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With the soaring temperatures showing no sign of backing down, our mates drag us to the beer garden and tempt us with the taste of beer and a bad-for-you, trans-fats-laden, calorie-heavy cheat meal. That diet goes out of the window in seconds.

Whether you’re ten weeks into your shred or you’re approaching competition, it’s okay to admit that sometimes you just want to pig out and gorge on the BBQ or grab a quick bite or two or ten to eat.

When you’re watching what you’re eating and consciously cutting down on what’s bad for you, what do you do? Can you bother staying home and cook, or should you just break the rules and cheat? Go on; it’s just the once right? What’s the harm?

No worries?

The harm, my friends, is a slippery slope. One that turns your cheeky flirt with food into an ugly, full-blown affair. Before you know it summer is gone; along with all your hard work and well-earned definition. And a few burpees aren’t going to save you from that fast food.

So what’s the alternative? Man (or woman) up and deal with those cravings? Definitely not. Relying on sheer willpower alone is a dangerous game. Plus, it’s boring. Who wants to snack like a rabbit while your mate is tucking into a succulent beef burger? You watch as they wash each juicy bite down with the delicious amber nectar of a cool, refreshing beer?

So what do you do when you’re low on time, and you’re in the mood for something naughty?


Cheat clean and have someone make your food for you.

Eating clean

Here at KBK, we’ve created a range of healthy and delicious freshly-prepared menus that are fantastic for busy fitness fanatics on-the-go. We make our functional fitness fuel using natural ingredients and is free from processed chemicals.

What’s more, as we are on a mission to redefine fast food through our restaurants, we’ve thrown some clean cheating choices into your meal plans to give you some extra comforts on days you want your favourite takeaway.

We’re big believers that fast food doesn’t need to dripping in fat and toxic additives, and healthy food doesn’t need to leave you miserable or be so dull and bland. The added benefit of eating clean and healthy means you’ll have plenty of energy for kettlebell swings or the assault bikes. Food isn’t only about how you look, but how you feel and how you perform. Don’t choose sugar, salt, and fat over a nutritious meal and workout.

If you’re craving some good old classics, you could opt for some flavoursome Mexican dishes with our fajita style chicken or our chilli con carne. These culinary delights are jam-packed with powerful nutrients and mouthwatering ingredients. If you fancy something a bit more simplistic, our bunless turkey burger served on a bed of cajun sweet potato wedges, and a side of tangy lime and coriander slaw gives you a sin-free treat for any night of the week.

When you compare our bunless burger to traditional fast-food chains, the macros are staggeringly better. Depending on whether you opt for the shred, performance, or bulk menu, your KBK bunless burger and sweet potato wedges are a mere 423-669 calories compared to the whopping 920 in a Big Mac and fries or the 815 in a fillet burger and chips.

Around the world in 80 meals

If your cravings desire something from further afield, don’t sweat it; we have you covered. For Nando’s lovers, we’ve put our spin on the Portuguese classic with our tasty Piri Piri chicken and citrus rice.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous with your palette and kick it up a notch with some classic Jamaican cuisine, you’ve got our jerk chicken, rice, and peas as a cheeky western Caribbean home comfort to enjoy.

If you prefer your food with an Asian influence, you’re bound to love our chicken katsu curry. This rich and flavorful Japanese inspired dish is a huge hit and will be sure to get you through your junk-food cravings when hunger strikes with a vengeance.

Next time you’re in Manchester City Centre, come and see us in person. For a real clean cheat meal, give our Kettle Burger a whirl. Succulent beef topped with halloumi and avocado smash. Finished off with our very own homemade ketchup served in a delicious whole wheat baked bun. With 47g of protein and under 10g of fat, you can wolf down your favourite cheat meal without feeling guilty.

For more information about our meal prep options, check out our website and choose the best plan to suit your fitness goals. You can go as bespoke as you like to suit even the strictest of macro plans. If you need to curb your cravings after an intense CrossFit session, a healthy, mouthwatering KBK special is the ultimate post-workout treat.


by KBK

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