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3 Food Types In Meal Prep For Weight Loss Success.

3 food types in meal prep which will help with weight loss
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Before we delve into the article, let me get one thing very clear. 

There are NO foods that aid directly to weight loss. None. Zero. Nada. 

I understand that you would have probably heard that such and such food or food type helps burn more calories. False. Even if this were the case it does not mean that those extra calories will contribute to direct weight loss. 

You see, as I have explained in previous blog, there is one thing that you must create to lose weight. A calorie deficit. Extensive research supports this. At KBK, our meal plans are specifically made to fulfil calorie intake goals, so you can easily make sure you are creating a calorie deficit without having to calorie-count everything you eat.

Although not the main purpose of this article, it’s important to dispel the myth that there are food types that directly aid weight loss. We instead need to build a basic understanding of calorie deficit. Understanding calories will help you reap the benefits of the foods included in your meals which then sets the stage for weight loss.

A calorie deficit is achieved when you spend (output) more calories than you take in (input). I have put a simple example of this below. 

Male (80kg in weight)

Calories in:

Calories out:

Food: 1800 calories

RMR (resting metabolic rate): 2000 calories 

Drink: 300 calories

Daily steps: 300 calories

Exercise: 300 calories

TOTAL: 2100 calories

TOTAL: 2,600 calories

This example creates a daily calorie deficit of 600 calories, meaning they are using 600 calories more than they are taking in. In this case, and with the food intake and energy output staying the same, this example would bring about a 1-pound fat (not overall weight) loss every 6 days. 

Meal prep foods 

There are many benefits to meal prep. One of the main benefits lies in how it educates you about which food types will help set the stage for you to achieve your goals. Meal prep fulfils your health needs and contains the right combination of nutrients. 

Opting for following a meal prep plan reduces the confusion caused by nutrition. Leaving you free to focus on creating that calorie deficit for weight loss. 

I have outlined five different food types and their role in your weight loss journey. Each one has a number of benefits and in combination, they provide everything you need to succeed. 


Food type 1: Animal and plant-based protein

eggs protein food type

Animal proteins are all meats and fish. But animal protein can also be found in milk, eggs, cheese and other sources which are derived from an animal. 

Plant-based protein sources include tofu, nuts, seeds, lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa.

For those of you on meal prep, you will notice that your protein source makes up a good percentage of your meal. 

When working with clients (male or female) I make sure that protein is the number one macronutrient when looking to achieve weight loss. Here’s why.

On a basic level, all proteins aid in the growth and repair of every cell in our body. Hair, skin, brain, bones, organs and everything in between need amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to thrive. Healthier cells mean a healthier body and a healthier body generally means improved levels of weight loss.  

Yet, within this need for recovery, the protein in your meal prep has another benefit that can help in your quest for weight loss.

This food type keeps you more satisfied and less likely to snack.


Why will this benefit me? 

Remember the statement at the start of the article. Creating a calorie deficit is the key to weight loss. Recall those days when the hunger grumbles are very real and VERY persistent? What do you do? Reach for the snack cupboard or grab something that will satisfy you in the short-term? 

Wait, an hour later and the grumbles return. Meaning another snack!

Combined with your main meals, this ‘hunger/snack’ cycle can very easily take you out of a calorie deficit. Not what you want for weight loss. 

This is where protein comes into its own. The satiating (filling) effect of this food type will most definitely curb the need for extra snacks. This means fewer calories expended leaving you with a greater chance of winning the weight loss game! 


Food Type 2: Vegetables 

vegetables healthy food type

Coming in at a very close number two in terms of food priority for weight loss is vegetables – namely fibrous vegetables. Although we are notoriously bad at ‘eating our greens’, vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals we need to perform at our best. Their benefits are broad and should be a staple for everyone regardless of their goal. 

Fibrous vegetables are what we call nutrient-dense. They contain a high level of vitamins and minerals while being relatively low in calories. What does this mean? It means that you can eat a large number of vegetables for very few calories. If you’re someone who likes big meals, loading up of veggies is the way to go.

Another added benefit of fibrous vegetables is that (like protein) they are great at keeping you satiated and reduce your urge to snack. If you don’t believe me, try eating a full plate of broccoli and cauliflower without feeling full!

You will notice that most meal prep plans will have a great variety of vegetables. As well as making them taste great, a KBK meal plan delivery makes sure your vegetables play a part in stimulating your senses as much as any of the other food types within your meal. 


Food type 3: Complex carbohydrates

pasta complex carbohydrate food types

Carbohydrates (carbs for short) get a bad rap for their perceived contribution to weight gain. Just as I said there is no one food that directly contributes to weight loss. There is also no one food that will contribute to weight gain! Carbohydrates believe it or not are NOT an essential nutrient. Meaning we do not require them to survive (unlike protein and fats). 

Let’s face it though, carbs are tasty! And guess what? Now you know that creating a calorie deficit is the key to weight loss, you no longer need to demonise the food you love the most! 

Note: Carbohydrates in this article do not mean the processed carbohydrates that go into your chocolate, sweets and ice creams!

These foods are what we call hyper-palatable and contain a high-calorie mix of simple carbs and fats. 

Complex carbohydrates can be found in many foods that you will already be familiar with. Potatoes, rice, pasta, whole grains and legumes are just some of the main sources. 


Why will carbs help me with weight loss?

Have you ever tried dieting for weight loss? How many of you faltered or even stopped after cutting out carbs from your daily regime? You see, being consistent in achieving a calorie deficit is key for sustained weight loss. How your food tastes make up a huge part of that consistency. 

Even the most motivated of people cannot maintain a diet containing bland meals! Now, we know that carbs taste great, and relative to weight, are pretty calorie friendly. So why wouldn’t you keep it in? Your meal prep contains great tasting carbs that will keep you coming back for more.

The result? A better chance for weight loss success!

Carbohydrates are also your primary source of energy. If you are active through daily steps, exercise classes and/or weight training, carbs will help keep you focussed and ready to perform at your best. 

In my experience, including carbohydrates in your diet every day brings about higher levels of training intensity as well as improved recovery

If you can train harder and recover better, do you think your calorie output will be higher? I would say so. 


Meal Prep for results

In combination, the food types you eat can lift you up or bring you down. They can enhance health or take it away. When it comes to weight loss, the foods you eat can be the difference between success and failure. 

As I mentioned, no one food will help you lose weight directly. If anyone professes to know otherwise, direct them to this blog! 

Weight loss is primarily about creating a calorie deficit. Expending more than you consume. And the right food types in combination can bring about rapid results. Without feeling restricted or overwhelmed. 

From satiety to energy, compliance to growth, and repair. The foods included in your meal prep are geared not just towards ticking the convenience box but in creating the foundations for your successful journey to getting lean and feeling great. 

Matt Warner

by Matt Warner

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