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Dry January. Why do people take part?

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Dry January is an alcohol-free movement that happens to promote awareness about the consequences of excessive drinking as well as highlight the incredible benefits that quitting alcohol has. The movement was created and encouraged by Alcohol Change UK that, with the help of useful tools and resources, is changing the lives of hundreds.

What’s more, Dry January not only is a time for reflecting on alcohol consumption but also to discover incredible drinks that can help your body feel energised and healthy.

Boost Your Mood

Alcohol is one of the most common mood-coping strategies people use, which can cause severe health problems and erratic behaviour. By quitting alcohol you can benefit from being more present in the day as well as being aware of your emotions, allowing your mind to cope differently and in a more mature way.

Furthermore, juice cleanses really help to keep you in a good mood thanks to the huge amount of vitamins and minerals contained in them that maintain your body full and content. We have created a special juice cleanse delivery that supports the body’s detoxification process, excellent for those who are just starting to decrease their alcohol consumption.

Have A Stronger Immune System

When engaging in Dry January you will notice your body feeling stronger and less prone to allergies or sickness, due to your immune system getting healthier. If paired with a nutritious juice cleanse, you can double the benefits and the strength of your body.

Despite what most people might think, a juice cleanse is not expensive, and we know how to keep the lowest prices in the market for the most high-quality products delivered.

Save Money

A huge benefit of Dry January worth knowing is the considerable amount of money you’ll be saving. Even if you decide to invest in a quality juice cleanse, you’ll still be spending way less than what you used to when purchasing alcohol.


The Bottom Line

KBK’s juice cleanse delivery is ideal for Dry January, thus it was carefully designed by the world’s top chefs to contain the right amount of nutrients and vitamins you need daily while keeping you full and energised.

With the best prices available on the market, and in the country, KBK continues to serve customers with top-class meals, fresh and locally-sourced ingredients that benefit your body and help support local suppliers. 


by Tawny

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