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Don’t worry about counting calories; worry about what’s in your food

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The diet industry currently racks up a whopping £2 billion per annum. It’s unsurprising that the profits are so huge. Just like the beauty industry it exploits our biggest insecurities to make money for big bosses. The problem is that most fad diets are based on false information. They always avoid the actual key to eating healthily.

On top of this, we also have to fight off pressure from the food industry. With the festive season on the way, and all its temptations like 12 days of Christmas catching up to us, knowing how to eat healthily is more important than ever if you want that summer bod when it rolls around again.

What is the key to eating healthy?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. No fad diet that you found on a list of ‘best ways to get abs in 10 days’ is going to help you lose weight and keep it off in the long run. While they might be great ways to drop a few pounds before a big show or competition, is it really worth damaging your insides and feeling run-down for short-term gain on the outside?

The key to a healthy relationship with food is simply eating the right amount of food and the right type of food. You need to do this so that your new way of eating isn’t a diet that will last a few months. Rather, it’s just the way you eat. You don’t need to go on a diet ‘supported by the leading dietitians in L.A.’. They’re only in it to get paid. You just need to improve your own diet and the quality of your food.

There is no complicated trick that took scientists 20 years to discover. There’s certainly no ‘certified safe’ pills that will help you healthily lose weight. If there were, they would probably be available in hospitals to support the UK with its growing obesity problem. Instead, the government is looking to where the real answer is: in the food that we eat.

Counting calories

Is counting calories an effective way to stay healthy? Yes, as long as you’re eating nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods. For those of us with strict dietary needs or restrictions as part of our CrossFit training plans, calorie counting is an essential part of the lifestyle. You need to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients required for optimal performance. But, you also need to make sure your diet is tailored to your body type so that when you’re counting calories, you know you’re getting the right amount for you – along with all the vitamins and minerals you need.

For those newer to the game, looking to lose the beer belly and tone a little, what you put into your body is far more important than how much you put in. Most of us here are aware of how important calories are. So if you want to eat correctly you need to fill your plate with all natural ingredients. You want vegetables, a few carbs, and whatever gives you your essential protein to see the weight fall off. Even without strict calorie counting.

Count chemicals

Despite what the diet industry tells you, calorie counting is far less significant than taking a good hard look at what is going into your food. A lot of the food we buy in the supermarkets is filled with chemicals like preservatives, sweeteners, pesticides, and even antibiotics in. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the chemicals that are found in most mass-produced fast food, where food quality is substituted for convenience and speed. Chemicals like tert-Butylhydroquinone and dimethylpolysiloxane are more than prevalent, and their reputations are worrying, to say the least.

When we’re on the go, we buy this food for lack of a better choice. Yet, we’re all distracted by being told to worry about the carb content of our rice. We have regulations on what can be added to food, but we also import from countries that aren’t so strict.

As of 2017, some of the most contaminated foods were strawberries, spinach, and cucumbers – vegetables which were exposed to pesticides. 99% of apples tested positive for pesticide residues, and 98% of peaches. The World Health Organisation has stated that these nasty chemicals are toxic to humans. They can lead to cancer, poor reproductive health, and immune or nervous system problems. Is that really what you want to be eating?

At KBK, we design bespoke meal prep uk plans for our customers, so they know what they are getting. We do the calorie counting for you, and we’ll hand-prep healthy, balanced meals without the toxic chemicals. If you’re waiting until you’re ready to commit to a meal plan, why not try our food for yourself in one of our Manchester City Centre based restaurants? It’s fast, affordable, and not full to the brim with chemicals.


by KBK

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