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Are You Taking The Veg Pledge?

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The ultimate fundraising challenge Veg Pledge encourages people to go vegan or vegetarian for a month to raise money for life-saving cancer research. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a difference in the world and explore a lot of meal options that you might never have thought of.


KBK offers meal prep services for everyone without the time to cook laborious dishes or those who simply don’t want to stress over dinner. For this challenge, our vegetarian meal prep delivery comes in handy for many out there willing to commit to the cause. Interested in becoming part of the change? Below you can get to know what KBK offers for their vegetarian meal prep and why you should consider investing in a meal prep service company.


Vegetarian Meal Prep Delivery Features

A three meal a day plan that provides people with 1500 calories, every dish made to a restaurant standard and with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the most diverse foods and combinations you have ever seen. Keeping a balanced diet is essential to achieve a healthy body and mind, but what happens when you don’t have the time to prepare every single meal at home or find the best ingredients in far-reach markets? Easy answer: you give up. But this can change in a minute if you decide to start investing in yourself and handing the food struggle to the professionals.

Our chefs have over 100 years of combined experience that take care of your nutrition and your pocket at the same time. With every meal low in saturated fat and cholesterol while rich in electrolytes, your body fuels itself with nothing but the best foods.


Benefits Of KBK’S Veggie Meal Prep

Apart from receiving the most delicious meals ever, our vegetarian menu is made up of healthy meals with lean protein, fibre, and vegetables, so you won’t go hungry. It is great for anybody trying to transition to a veggie diet and those who are looking for gym meal prep companies that care about nutrition and don’t leave customers hungry.


Having a vegetarian diet, whether it is forever or just for a month, may help with with; reducing cancer risk, lowering blood pressure, decreasing asthma symptoms as well as promoting bone health, and preventing type 2 diabetes. 

This veggie meal prep plan has a team of professionals behind it that look after the customer’s health and dietary needs. Further, thanks to the incredible dishes and variety of ingredients, taking part in the pledge is extremely easy, as well as extremely cheap. KBK understands people’s economic situation and takes it as a personal responsibility, therefore every meal prep delivery is reasonably priced without compromising the flavour and quality.


Take part in the fundraiser for important cancer research with the help of KBK’s veggie meal prep delivery service and watch your health and the world change.


by Tawny

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