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All Good August: Jerk Quorn Wrap

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All Good August

Our All Good August campaign is well and truly underway now, and after launching the beyond burger last week it’s been all hands on deck here at KBK. We always aim to keep it consistent by bringing you yet another hot topic which has been headlining the health food news, ladies and gentlemen a round of applause please for Mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is the key ingredient in all Quorn products, it is made in fermenters, and goes through a process where oxygen, nitrogen, glucose and minerals are added after which is it made into a fungus called “fusarium venenatum”.

The Plant-based diet

As previously mentioned, we are bringing you a new meal every week this August, in the hope that this will help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle through small steps and daily habits. Believe you me, you’ll be feeling much more functional once you make the switch, regardless of whether you’re a regular gym-goer or spend most of your day at the office you need to feel fuelled. There is nothing worse than that groggy not woken up yet feeling. A plant-based diet is the best way to stay energised throughout the day whilst also doing your bit for the environment (browse our lunch only plan). For more on the benefits of a plant-based diet check out our Battle Cancer Blog, and for some hardcore facts on how eating plant-based impacts the environment, we have the Beyond Burger blog.

What is Mycoprotein?

I’m sure many of you are just as intrigued as I was about what mycoprotein is and why it’s in the health news headlines. As a good source of protein compared to meat and fish, Mycoprotein offers more variety to the plant-based diet by providing a unique food alternative that is high in protein, high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and contains no cholesterol, yes zero cholesterol. At this point, most young people are probably asking what is cholesterol? Good question, cholesterol is caused by too many fatty substances in your bloodstream, which can also be increased by lack of exercise, being overweight, smoking & drinking. We may not feel the impacts of this in our youth, however as we get older this builds up and clogs arteries thereby reducing their flexibly.  This can eventually lead to stiff arteries which in turn causes minimised blood flow – this condition is called atherosclerosis also associated with heart disease.

Now, I know a lot of people will be thinking, can’t win, can I? Or that they’re expected to eat food that tastes like rabbit food for the rest of their lives. The idea of minimising the amount of meat in our diets does sound like a punishment, especially for meat lovers. However, the best way to make this lifestyle change is to shift your perspective, like with anything you need to concentrate on what the benefits are and keep doing your research on new products as texture and taste of vegan and vegetarian dishes are constantly being improved (view our variety vegan dish) You’ll be relieved to hear that I am NOT suggesting everyone should completely cut meat out of their diet. As this isn’t practical or affordable for everyone, however, if you keep reading, we have a solution for the practical side of things.

Kettlebell Kitchen introduces the Jerk Quorn Wrap

We are introducing the Jerk Quorn Wrap to our menu this week; you may have seen the picture we posted on our social media as there was some buzz when we released it. Many of you rushed to the comments section asking us for the ingredients, but as you already know we enjoy the element of surprise here at KBK. With the Beyond burger selling out fast, it’s only right that we give you access to another tasty dish to enjoy and recommend to friends and family. The Jerk Quorn wrap has a total of 23grams of protein, 62.7 grams of carbs, and 12.6 grams of fat. This Wrap makes for the perfect guilt-free lunchtime meal, packed with flavour and won’t hinder your fitness goals. If you want to alternate you can have the Beyond Burger for lunch and then grab a couple of Jerk Quorn wraps to scran in the evening as you relax after a long day at work. No need to feel guilty for having a hearty appetite, man vs food is a day to day game for many of us.


by KBK

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