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Food and mental health - why do they matter?

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If you haven’t noticed yet, food and mental health are deeply connected. The food we consume often determines our mood and how we approach our day, which is why as a top-rated meal prep company we feel the need to share some light on this topic.

Below you can read about the relationship between food and mental health and why following a healthy meal plan can significantly change your life.

Food & Mental Health: How Are They Connected?

There’s a close relationship between food and mental health, in which both influence each other constantly due to various factors such as our mood, environment, and the health of our body. Further, certain components in food, such as the ones found in fast, greasy, and overall unhealthy dishes can significantly affect our mental health, producing mood changes and discomfort as well as fatigue and anxiety.

This all comes into play on our mental health without us even noticing sometimes, which is why at KBK we want to educate users on the risks of not having a balanced diet that can properly nourish and fuel your body.


Consuming healthy food is essential for taking care of your body, and it can also significantly improve your mental state. Once you shift your mindset and start consciously fuelling your body with a healthy meal plan, your mental state begins a positive change. You’re constantly looking for new recipes, new food combinations, and other great things that can improve your mood.

How Healthy Food Can Improve Your Mental State

Healthy food contains all the nutrients and special properties our bodies need to properly function every day, and not investing in mood-boosting dishes might be the cause of your existing lack of sleep, focus issues, excess of negative thoughts, and other issues you might be experiencing.

If you’re someone who needs quick meals that are already pre-made and can make you feel full throughout the day, KBK is the best choice for you. We offer healthy meal prep and healthy meal plan options for your specific needs and budget, with quality and locally-sourced ingredients for an organic and delicious meal.

You can improve your mental state by changing what you eat starting now, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Why Choose KBK?

KBK is the UK’s most-rated meal plan brand that offers quality and delicious quick meals for your everyday life. With some of the world’s best chefs and locally sourced ingredients, KBK designs each plan and dish with the sole mission to make your life better and easier, so you no longer need to worry about shopping, preparing or cooking your food.


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