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5 tips to improve your health without compromising convenience. 

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Fast culture is now the ‘norm’ for society in the 21st century.  

Without even knowing, we crave speed and convenience. 

How do I know? 

How many of you have amazon prime for the quick delivery? I do.  This is just one example of how our obsession with speed and convenience shapes our lives.  From fast fashion to fast cars, fast-tracking to same-day delivery, we are always looking for ways to get what we want more quickly.  

This convenience culture is none more prevalent when it comes to what we eat. ‘fast food’ culture continues to expand at an incredible rate.  

What do you think when we use the term ‘fast food’? McDonalds?  Five guys? The local chippy?  Generally, we associate fat food with processed food.  You know, those options that taste great but can often hinder our progress to health improvement.  However, in the spirit of health and development, there is now an almost endless number of convenience options when it comes to what you eat with many being far more appropriate and effective for your mental and physical health. 

The convenience food market now includes everything from vegan to veggie, meat to fish, salads to sushi. Every culture and preference is represented in towns and cities across the country. 

But how do you navigate the convenience market and know what’s right for you? 

More options do not necessarily correlate to better health.  More choices often lead to decision fatigue.  The result?  Reverting to the fast-food staples.  Sandwiches, crisps, and battered chicken from the local KFC! 

With this in mind here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the convenience food market.  They will help you make better choices for your mental and physical wellbeing. 


Get to know your goals

Setting and connecting with your goal is your first port of call. When deciding which convenience options are for you, goals are essential.  Do you want to drop body fat, maintain your physique, add strength or something else? This decision will allow you to plan your week with more detail.   

Remember, your calorie in and calorie out balance over time is the key to weight loss, maintenance or gain. What happens over a 7, 14, 21 day period is far more important than a day in isolation. 

Why is this important to know?  

It allows you to plan your day and work on cementing your personal food preferences.  Do you prefer to eat more earlier in the day?  That’s cool.  How about lighter days and bigger evening meals?  Also, great.  This preference allows you to seek out the right food outlets for your outcome. 


Get to know your environment

Understanding the environments in which you spend the majority of your time is vital to optimising your convenience strategy.  We all tend to spend our time in 3 settings: home, work, and activities.

Yet, how many of you are caught short and don’t know what’s available to you?

With a little research, you can very quickly map out your convenience eating strategy. Answer these simple questions to refine your research and make your daily nutrition something to enjoy. 

  • How far are you willing to walk to your chosen outlet from work/home?
  • What are your food preferences? 
  • Do you have a large or small budget? 
  • Have you considered what your goals are? (see tip 1)
  • Do you prefer prepping from home or buying on the fly?

Once you have answered these, a simple google search should be able to give you all available options that suit your preference.  What does this mean? 

More convenience throughout the week while still progressing towards a healthier lifestyle.  Simple!


Get to know your time

I don’t have time. 

Something we all battle with daily. And to be honest, I sympathise.  But did you know that how you use your time is a matter of priorities, not the lack of time itself? 

Let me explain. 

We all live incredibly hard lives.  But there is a marked difference between not having the time and not considering how time can work for you. We tend to use it as an excuse for inaction. ‘I don’t have time to train’.  ‘I don’t have time to eat well’. I’m we’ve all used these at some point.  

However, we must reframe what time and priority mean to us if we are to achieve improved health.

Acknowledging that time is more of a consideration.  And that it can be manipulated to find the best solution for your goals is vital.  Where can you make time in your quest to optimising health and feeling great?  Is it 30 minutes for training or a little time in the day to move more? Is it 10 minutes of research to make the right food choices? 

By following point 2, you will automatically be saving time when it comes to making the right decisions when it comes to food. A little planning will almost certainly mean more time for the things you want, which includes your health. 


Get to know your food

Understanding what your plate or meal prep is made up of will serve you well when it comes to making the right choices for your daily routine.  

I will ask you this.  

If I were to put a plate of food in front of you and point at a particular food, would you be able to confidently know whether it was made up predominantly of protein, carbohydrates, or fat?  

If the answer is no, the first step is to improve your understanding of nutrition.  Knowing what is on your plate and how it can contribute to, or hinder your progress to better health, should be of utmost importance.  

This way, no matter the method of eating, you know how that meal/day fits into your weekly progress.


Meal prep – the ultimate convenience

At KBK we may be a little biased! 

But we genuinely believe that meal prep, when prepared the right way, is the ultimate food convenience.

It ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to optimising health.  It’s a time saving, educating, convenient and creative way to improve all aspects of health.

  • Want a choice of meals?  KBK MEAL PREP provides it
  • Want the right number of meals? KBK MEAL PREP provides it
  • Want it delivered to your door, nationwide? KBK MEAL PREP provides it
  • Do you need good quality vegetarian or vegan choices without the confusion? You guessed it.

So, you see, convenience food doesn’t have to be processed.  But to know our best choices and methods for eating well, we must consider a few things. 

We must understand our goals.  What do you want to achieve?  This will almost always affect your nutritional decisions.  Next is our environment.  Where do you spend most of your time?  And what food outlets are the most convenient for you and your goals?

Time is next on the list.  We must reframe our attitude from one of ‘I have no time’ to one of ‘how do my priorities fit into my day?’ 

We then need to understand the food on our plate.  What roles to protein, carbohydrates, and fats play in the improvement of physical and mental health?  Knowing this can dramatically improve all aspects of your life, from eating into eating out, focussing at work, and enjoying the fruits of your new-found health. 

With a few primary considerations mixed with a little education, you can eat fast, eat well and live a healthy life.

Matt Warner

by Matt Warner

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