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4 ways to shake up your workouts

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Now January is over, it’s easy to lose the ‘New Year new me’ motivation that might have encouraged you to exercise a few weeks ago. When you’ve got other things going on in life it can be hard to try and fit exercise into your routine, and enjoy it. 

The truth is, most people have been lying to you when they say the hardest part is starting. It isn’t hard to muster up the motivation to do a workout, the hard part is sustaining it. Having the drive and determination to stay consistent for weeks or maybe months down the line. We know it’s difficult, that’s why we’ve come up with 4 ways to shake up your workouts. 


Change your workout


You don’t have to like the gym. Yes, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym, but it’s not for everyone. In-fact, maybe you do enjoy the gym, but from time to time you want to do something different. 

Although you need consistent training in-order to make progress, the most important thing is that you’re enjoying your workouts. If not, you will not be driven to engage in the activity. There are hundreds of different activities you can do to stay healthy and active, from team sports to solo activities. Here are some things you could consider adding to your routine: 

  • Swimming 
  • Hiking 
  • Netball 
  • Football 
  • Cycling 
  • Martial arts 

Obviously this is a non-exhaustive list, it’s not even close to the amount of activities out there. Roller Derby might even be your thing if you give it a try. 


Workout with a friend 

Exercise doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. In fact, it’s usually a lot more fun when you do it with friends. So next time you’re heading to the gym, why not invite a friend along?

Another important reason for including someone else in your fitness journey is to allow you to keep each other accountable. If you’ve planned to workout with a friend, you’re much less likely to cancel because you know that you’re not just letting yourself down, but that person too. Keep checking up on each other outside of the sessions too. You can take photos of your healthy food and send it to each other as motivation to stay on track both in and outside the gym. 


Track your workout 

Not being able to see any progress can also be a potential reason to stop training, especially if you’ve been trying really hard to reach your goals. There’s nothing more deflating than seeing no results when you’ve been training consistently. 

But hold on a minute. Have you really been training consistently? Has your nutrition been in check? Have you been sticking to your programme 100%? Answer these questions honestly. It’s hard to know if you haven’t been tracking. Keeping track of your routine is a surefire way to test what you’re doing and see if it helps you to progress. If after a few weeks you’ve been consistent, you can check over what you’ve been doing and see where you’ve improved. This is also essential when it comes to maintaining healthy eating regimes.


Try a class

With gym classes becoming an extremely popular way to workout in recent years, there’s a class out there for anyone and everyone, whatever your age, experience level or exercise preference. 

Classes are fun because they encourage you to try a new way to workout, but they also bring together a community with a similar interest. If you connect with the people in the class then you’ll be there week in week out to exercise and catch up. It’s another way of keeping yourself and others accountable.

So what’s next? You’re eating healthy meals and you’re moving about more, now it’s time to get back into your fitness. Try one or all of these tips to give you the inspiration you need to start training again.


by Tawny

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